Is Delta variant of coronavirus linked to Diabetes Cases?Top Stories

August 03, 2021 13:21
Is Delta variant of coronavirus linked to Diabetes Cases?

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The coronavirus pandemic left an unforgettable remark and several families across the world are devastated with the human loss. The experts revealed that coronavirus is a serious threat for people suffering from diabetes. A recent study also revealed that people who have recovered from coronavirus showed a spike in their blood glucose levels. The study also said that almost 40 percent of the people who recovered from coronavirus developed diabetes. The research has been conducted globally in the angle of people contracting with coronavirus developing diabetes. The study also revealed that the people who are infected with delta variant are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes after they recovered from coronavirus.

The Delta variant of coronavirus damages the beta cells in the Islet of Langerhans of the pancreas. The beta cells are needed for the synthesis of insulin which regulates the blood glucose levels in the human body. When the beta cells are damaged, the human body can cause diabetes. The coronavirus also tends to bind with ACE-2 receptors of the organs which makes the body insulin resistant. The study also said that young and healthy people are developing diabetes after they recovered from the delta variant of coronavirus. The common symptoms found in such people are excessive thirst, unexpected weight loss, frequent urination and fatigue.

The doctors advised the people to check their glucose levels on a regular basis after they recover from coronavirus. The study also had a conclusion that many people who are contracted with the delta variant of coronavirus may develop insulin resistance because of the medication.

By Siva Kumar

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