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May 07, 2020 08:52
10 Sweet Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life During Coronavirus Lockdown

Can you see those heart emojis coming from your sweetheart? Or is he beside you to give you loads of them? How’s your love life doing during the lockdown?

Is distance bringing you close? Or is the closeness drifting you apart?

Regardless of what’s happening, hope it’s getting the two of you closer, spreading positive vibes, helping you see each other’s reality and vulnerability.

Honestly, this lockdown is the best time for couples to bond with each other and know the bright and shady sides of this togetherness.

Given the situation we are all in, a few couples are together or they are in a long-distance. If you are happy that your partner is with you, value it. If you are sad that your partner is away, be present with each other in the absence.

Here are ways to deal with your love life during the lockdown!

This lockdown is the time to understand where the two of you stand in this relationship or marriage. They say, you truly know a person when you live, eat, sleep and spend time with him or her.

On the other hand, if a person values you the same way even if he/she is far, you would know if he/she is successful in defeating this saying ‘out of sight is out of mind’.

Having said, you have to connect with each other to feel comfortable during the lockdown. These tips are for couples in a long-distance and the ones together.

Long Distance Relationship Tips During Lockdown

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No 1 – Write A Short Poem For Each Other

One way to cut open your feelings is by writing a romantic poem to your Prince or Princess. Since this coronavirus lockdown has kept the two of you away from each other, break these barriers of social distancing by sending each other a message every morning.

You don’t have to be talented or know a knack, only speak of what you feel at that moment. Keep it short, crisp, and touching. If you are a born poet, then put your skills to work.

No 2 – Play Online Games Together

Playing a game together is sure to bring up a fun conversation between the two of you. You guys can pair up as a team or play against each other, the choice is yours. You will like each other’s company. Perhaps in all this while, the two of you might have never had this sort of fun.

No 3 – Make Frequent Short Calls To Each Other

Making short frequent calls to each other is the best way to make up for all those times the two of you had complaints about not giving enough time to each other. Yes, you will have your household chores, studies, or office work to finish. Yet, you can take a minute or two and check with your partner.

By doing this, the two of you feel good about having each other's back morally during the crisis.

No 4 – Plan A Date On Video Call

Dating can happen whether you are away or together, all you need is the spirit and idea to go for it. Wondering how to nail a video date call?

It is simple, schedule a time with your partner, get done with all your tasks before that and get geared for the date hours before it begins.

Here is what you should do

1. Pick out a charming outfit to wear for the video call.

2. If tomorrow is your video call, do a little grooming. Apply a face pack.

3. Cook good food, you tell your partner to make what you like and make what your partner likes.

4. Keep a glass of wine or other refreshments ready to raise a toast.

5. Talk about your best moments together.

6. Laugh your hearts out.

7. Sing together.

8. Dance together.

Follow these tips and you can make your virtual date a happening one. What say? Are you up for this?

No 5 – Avoid Over Spending Time With Each Other On Phones

No matter how strong or close the two of you are, always have your personal space even if it is being apart from each other during the lockdown.

The right idea behind not spending too much time with each other is to live your other priorities, have time for yourself and miss each other even more in the time you are not together.

While this tip is a personal choice, understand how meaningful it is to be with each other in your subconscious minds, and allow each other to be to yourselves rest of the day. Setting these boundaries is healthy for a marriage or relationship.

Tips To Spend Time With Your Partner During Lockdown

No 6 – Keep Half An Hour Time For Relaxing Together

End of the day, we all need our comforting pillow and bed to relax. Right?

Especially during the lockdown, we are all getting spare time to relax more than we would otherwise. Why not make it romantic when you have your partner with you? Plan on taking a break together.

Things you can do

1. Lye down and cuddle for a while.

2. Hold hands and keep your eyes closed.

3. Sip a cup of coffee or tea together - it is good to sip on something warm during coronavirus.

4. Watch a movie together.

5. Take a nap together.

6. Sit at your window and admire nature together.

Before the lockdown releases, enjoy 30 minutes of quality time with your partner. It is sure to release some dopamine in your body.

No 7 – Have Deep Conversations About Your Future Plans

Once life is back to normal, you will begin running about. Before that, why not fruitfully use the time that the two of you have in having important discussions about the present or future, that’s totally on you and your partner.

A clear conversation will get the two of you going, or, you will be able to see a clear picture of what the two of you want from each other, life, and career. If not your partner, whom are you going to discuss all this with?

Speak to each other, exchange views, and, finish your conversation on a happy note.

No 8 – Exercise Together

Due to the lockdown, many of us who hit the gym are almost feeling handicapped without types of equipment and intense body training. If you are a fitness freak, you will echo with this.

Why not exercise in a small way?

Anyhow, your partner and you have to spend time together, so why not try a couple workout together? Doing this will help the two of you motivate each other and spend good time. Are you game for it?

No 9 - Experiment Preparing An Exotic Dish Together

Being there with each other, following a recipe and adding both of your ideas to make a lip-smacking dish is cute and good teamwork.

Even if cooking is not something you are confident about, only be there and help your partner monitor the dish that’s being cooked. You must have not done this in a while now or never. Don’t miss trying this cooking task with your partner.

No 10 – Watch Your Pictures And Videos Together

It is always special and nostalgic to drive into the old memories lane. Beginning from when you met until now, watch your pictures and videos together.

Do this during the weekend or before you go to bed at night. You would enjoy this amazing and cute activity together. These pictures will remind you about how you spent your time on that particular day too.


Together or apart, no form of social distancing can keep your partner and you apart if you have that epic love for each other.

The going won’t get tough if you guys know how to be a fun, understanding, and, loving company to each other.

Stay healthy yourself and keep your partner healthy too!

By Neha Makhija

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