How to deal with the discomforts of Pregnancy?Pregnancy & Parenting

May 14, 2024 20:32
How to deal with the discomforts of Pregnancy?

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The journey of pregnancy is unique to each mother and can present challenges such as back pain, mood swings, and acid reflux. Making lifestyle changes, maintaining proper posture, and consulting with a doctor can help manage these symptoms effectively. It's amazing how a tiny cell can develop into a fully-formed fetus. This journey is different for every mother and can be challenging at times, but most symptoms can be managed through simple adjustments. In the past, women would discover their pregnancy by missing their period and feeling nauseous, which still happens today. To alleviate these symptoms, try eating small, frequent meals, chewing on breath fresheners, avoiding strong fragrances, using a wet mask in the kitchen, and not drinking too much water on an empty stomach. Acid reflux or heartburn is another common symptom that can be reduced by avoiding citrus, spicy, or greasy foods, eating dinner early, avoiding lying down for an hour after eating, and sleeping with your head raised. The first trimester, or initial 3 months, can be very tiring.

It's important to take breaks throughout the day and try to sneak in short naps. As your belly grows and your posture changes, backaches may become more frequent. Combat this by maintaining proper posture from the start of your pregnancy, using supportive pillows while sitting and sleeping, doing stretching exercises, and participating in prenatal yoga under your doctor's supervision. Dr. Pallavi Vasal, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Marengo Asia Hospitals in Gurugram, advises against prolonged sitting or standing, and suggests using a foot stool, elevating your legs intermittently, keeping hydrated, and getting your haemoglobin and blood pressure checked regularly. You may also experience increased urinary frequency, which can be managed by drinking at least three litres of water before 8 pm, then sipping water only after 8 pm, avoiding tea, coffee, and sugary drinks in the evening, and practicing pelvic floor exercises. Bowel disturbances, including constipation, are common, but can be alleviated with increased roughage intake, plenty of fluids, and regular exercise. Finally, don't be surprised if you experience mood swings throughout your pregnancy - sudden feelings of sadness or joy are a perfectly normal part of the process.

It's important to begin implementing relaxation methods, such as meditation or deep breathing, early on in your pregnancy. Don't hesitate to express your emotions with your loved ones, and always seek guidance from your physician by having in-depth conversations.

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