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May 28, 2020 17:05
Health Tips And More To Know For About Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus is a vulnerable risk to human life all over the world. But we must learn to live with the virus until it goes far away from us. Being a pregnant woman, you must have been mindful all this while before the pandemic. Now, the care must be a little more extra for your healthy pregnancy and the foetus.

If you are panicking about the virus around, that is not done. Never keep your health as a second priority over anything as you are pregnant.

The health tips that are mentioned here are for pregnant at any stage. You must know and not forget what to do and what not to do for your healthy pregnancy.Your mind would raise too many questions as you are pregnant in the time of a pandemic. It is quite natural you want to know how coronavirus is associated with pregnancy.

Does the virus transmit from mother to unborn?

There is no clear evidence about virus transmission from mother to unborn. As this is a new virus, it is yet to reveal the facts post full study.

Also there is no evidence that says pregnant women are still at greater risk of coronavirus. If the mother is diagnosed with COVID-19, there is a probable chance affecting the unborn.

In various parts of the world, it is observed that pregnant women severely affected with coronavirus gave premature birth. The cause for these premature births is still not known. A study says, the transmission of coronavirus from a mother to baby in the womb is less.

Is breastfeeding risky for a baby from a virus infected mother?

As you are an expectant mother, this is a valid question for your baby's health soon after birth. There is no evidence that coronavirus transmits through infected mother’s milk to the infant. Still it is a risk factor to maintain closeness of an infected person with newborns.

Breastfeeding is a basic health need for the infants. So, take all the measures to breastfeed your baby. Wear a mask, wash your hands before handling your baby. Taking all the safety measures, you can nurture your baby.

Does the coronavirus symptoms differ for pregnant women?

Coronavirus symptoms are the same for pregnant women. A pregnant woman can suspect the virus attack with the same symptoms that are common for everyone.

All you need to know is the symptoms and take care to prevent the virus attack. After noticing any symptoms of COVID-19, then you must consult your doctor and follow the hygiene measures.

Health Tips For Pregnant Women During Coronavirus Pandemic

Stay Relaxed

You must find ways being a pregnant woman. If you take any kind of stress, that affects your appetite and living habits.

We ask you to find the most relaxing ways which you can enjoy. Be it music, reading books or anything that let you be peaceful and happy.

Don't panic with the risk of COVID-19 during pregnancy. Pregnant women are not at risk separately relating to the virus. But you must handle yourself with care that keeps you and your unborn baby on the safe side.

Be active indoors

Were you going for a pleasant evening walk before the pandemic? Now it is not the same for you. You must be active and still stay indoors.

Finish the very light household chores. Make time for prenatal exercises. Stretch your body in a safe way. You have plenty of ways to be active at home. This is how you must be active without going out to stay away from the virus infection.

Have a routine

Habituate to a routine lifestyle which is beneficial for you. Make sure the routine includes your meals on time, exercising and family time.Stay fit physically and mentally. Along with other basic tips, you must have a routine that makes you feel normal and not stress at any moment of the day.

Have restful night sleep

As you go through physical changes during pregnancy, you may not fall asleep easily. So, try to get enough sleep. At least around 7 hours sleep is good for you.

If you are lacking night sleep, then you will see it resulting in health problems. The good sleep that you get at night is a must for healthy stay and normal functioning. Lack of sleep may increase or trigger the stress. You will see the abnormal changes in your health due to sleepless nights.

What to avoid when you are pregnant during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Avoid Travelling

Pregnancy and travelling is never that safe. But the means of transport also mattered. Now, it is totally unsafe through any transport as you will never know where the deadly virus is active. Being pregnant, you can't manage the health protocols and the measures. So, we recommend you to stay safe at home relaxing.

Do not stay outdoors

As a woman, you always took the household responsibilities. It is a lot fine to carry out the same way even when you are carrying. But the outside environment is not easy during a pandemic.

You better have the second person who can help you with these responsibilities. Going to the market or for basic needs is not good for you. It is not that pregnant women are vulnerable to virus. It is because an extra care that may stress you and it is totally unnecessary. So, cutoff these not so important things and be relaxed at home.

Do not ignore the symptoms

If you are seeing any COVID-19 symptoms, then do not ignore it at all. You can't afford the ignorance of the deadly virus. Know the symptoms and immediately get tested if you are finding any change in your health. Tracking your health is very much important as you are pregnant during pandemic.

It is covered all about what you want to know about being pregnant during pandemic. Leaving yourself with the doubts can make you feel panic. Be clear about your condition and handle it well. It is very much possible with the knowledge you gain.

By Ramya C

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