Five Indian Festivals Celebrated Abroad with Pep and PompFestivals

May 14, 2019 18:08
Five Indian Festivals Celebrated Abroad with Pep and Pomp

Indians - no matter in which corner they are in the world, nothing can stop them from celebrating Indian festivals with immense fad and with equal grandeur as in India. As scores of Indians are showing keen interest to move overseas, many events are being organized there to mark the Indian festivals and to make Indians feel home.

Indians have been able to build and identify similar belief groups and celebrate the good and bad times together. Some festivals have gained a lot of popularity across the world.


Spraying of colors, colored water, plain water or water-filled small balloons is an ultimate idea of fun for people across the world. Holi is celebrated in majority by the Hindus, but with recent trends, it has been witnessed that people of all ethnic groups, religions, race, and nationalities join in together with their Hindu connections to observe this festival full of fun and Joy.


Diwali is beyond the shadow of a doubt the king of all festivals celebrated across the world. People burst crackers and light up their houses with colorful candles or oil-lamps (diyas). They also use flowers to adorn the house and create a multi-colored ‘rangoli’, adding to the beauty of the day.


The festival of Punjabis, most popularly celebrated in the Northern states India has huge reach abroad and among the higher number of immigrants. Lohri is considered to be celebrated as the extremity of the winter season and the beginning of more pleasant and warmer weather. It is celebrated ideally on the Winter Solstice day, which has the shortest day and the longest night across the year. People light a bonfire, sing songs and dance around the bonfire. In quite a lot of religions, it is also a mark of the new year.


Since a huge chunk of people is migrated to other countries from south India, Onam undoubtedly a festival celebrated enthusiastically across the world. The festival is no longer restricted to Kerala, a south Indian state.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Since recent years Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated across the world with ‘Ganapathi Bappa Moriya’ echoing all over the place. With Idols from 2 inches to 200 feet tall, Lord Ganesha brings auspicious moments, happiness and a lot of blessings to its followers.

By Sowmya Sangam

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