8 Things Foreigners Find Most Annoying About Indians AbroadHot Buzz

May 28, 2019 17:30
8 Things Foreigners Find Most Annoying About Indians Abroad

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Every culture, race, and ethnic group beyond the shadow of doubt has some quirks that vex outsiders. Since Indians are largely preferring foreign countries to settle down, here are some desi traits that probably foreigners find annoying or appalling.

Parental Overshadow

No matter how much we grow up, Indian parents always on the top to pamper their children. It is found that parental overshadow is the reason why Americans and Europeans avoid dating Indians because most of them don’t move out of their parents’ houses even after college is done.

Slow to Adapt

Indians are known for their unwillingness to open up nature. They don’t mingle well unless you are part of their social circle, and the social circle is mostly Indian friends. Sometimes this behavior is mistaken for unsociability and showing general disdain, and others may find it annoying.

Concept of Big Houses

The Indians love the concept of saving every penny for down-payment and then spending everything on a big house, bigger than their cousins’ or brothers’ houses nearby.

Bragging About India and Indian culture

Many Indians settled abroad will go to all kind of lengths to explain or show that Indians are ace. Every ethnic group thinks highly of itself and Indians are no less in expressing this, maybe a few steps ahead.

Staring Without Smile  

Indian guys are accustomed to just stare at the girl(s)/ladies passing by without any smile. A very annoying habit that foreigners feel.

Indian Accent

Though everyone has their own accent and own way of speaking, the Indian accent still stands out and creates the language barrier.

Smell of Cooking All over the House   

Indian cooking is known for flavorful herbs and spices with a unique smell. Unless you are accustomed to it, the smell can be unpleasant and irritating to non-Indians.

Conversing in Mother Tongue While in English Company

Indians have this habit where they switch over to their mother tongue while talking to other Indian friends or colleagues. Nothing at all wrong with that if you are in your own desi circle, but in the company of other English or foreign colleagues, it is just impolite to speak in the mother tongue to each-other while others are feeling awkward for being excluded from the conversation.

By Sowmya Sangam

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