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  • Love, Like men, women too cheat for love, Rupert sanders

    Women too cheat for LOVE... 2013-07-11 07:55:49

    Fidelity is a tough promise to keep. So whenever a woman has dared to stray from her relationship, she's done it for love. But now the trend is changing. Like men, even women are craving for casual love outside. Love,...

    Keywords: money, Like men, money, she's done it for love

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    gossip news, Kristen unapologetic about affair with Rupert Sanders, kristen unapologetic about affair with rupert sanders, Rupert sanders

    Kristen unapologetic about affair with Rupert Sanders 2014-02-12 08:49:39

    Kristen Stewart can't seem to say the right things. The 'Twilight' actress recently raked up the past by saying that she admits to her past mistakes, refering to her affair with director Rupert Sanders. In an interview with Marie Claire...

    Keywords: Snow White and the Huntsman, Snow White and the Huntsman, hollywood gossips, Rupert Sanders

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    Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, rob pattinson s puppy love, Rupert sanders

    Rob Pattinson's 'puppy' love 2013-08-23 09:49:05

    Someone has rightly said, 'Dogs are a man's best friend'. And the 'Twilight' star seems to have taken it quite seriously. It's been quite some time since he split with girlfriend Kristen Stewart and now he is looking for inspiration...

    Keywords: Kristen Stewart, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Rob Pattinson's 'puppy' love

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    most hated hollywood actresses, most hated hollywood actresses, five most popularly hated hollywood stars, Rupert sanders

    Five most popularly hated Hollywood stars 2014-06-09 08:04:12

    We all carry a list of not-so-favorite stars who seem to repel us for no apparent reason. While it's difficult to explain our downright distaste for them and the factors that causes the abhor, more often than not its for...

    Keywords: jennifer lawrence, renee zellweger, kristen stewart, hollywood's most hated stars

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    Snow White and the Huntsmen, Kristen Stewart, lindsay lohan gags at kristen stewart, Rupert sanders

    Lindsay Lohan gags at Kristen Stewart 2013-08-06 08:59:58

    Lindsay Lohan has stirred the pot of controversy again! The actress, in her first public appearance post her rehab stint, took a dig at fellow actress Kristen Stewart in a chat show that she recently hosted. Linsay Lohan gagged at...

    Keywords: Snow White and the Huntsmen, Lindsay Lohan gags at Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan

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    Kristen Stewart dating Michael Pitt on the sly, Kristen Stewart, kristen stewart dating michael pitt on the sly, Rupert sanders

    Kristen Stewart dating Michael Pitt on the sly 2013-07-15 11:46:49

    First it was the news of Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson dating pop icon Elvis Presley's grandchild Riley Keough that stormed the circles. And now, it's turn of Kristen Stewart, Rob's ex-flame turn to hog some headlines now and how. Buzz...

    Keywords: Kristen Stewart, Kristen Stewart dating Michael Pitt on the sly, Twilight, Rob Pattinson

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