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April 27, 2020 18:40
US health agencies report six new coronavirus symptoms

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Dry cough, fever and shortness of breath. These were some of the common symptoms that were clarified by the reputed health officials in the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. While majority of the individuals kept an eye out on these primary symptoms, there were a few other symptoms that made a mark.

Researchers shortly came up with the possibility that the loss of smell and taste could be linked with the coronavirus symptoms.

Recently, the primary US health agency, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has added six new symptoms to the list of the pre-existing symptoms. Some of them include chills, shaking with chills, constant muscle pain, persistent headache, sore throat and the loss of taste and smell.

Aside from these symptoms, CDC also encountered the signs of trouble in breathing, constant pressure and pinching pain in chest, confusion and inability to decipher, lack of arousal, bluish tinge to the lips and face as some of the emergency symptoms of the condition.

With the global death toll of the country surpassing 200,000 already, countries from across the world are now leveraging some of the best ways to keep the numbers down and their country protected. Majority of the countries have been taking cautious steps into the process of easing of the lockdown.

But, the constant fear of the resurgence of the infection has left people in a constant dilemma of whether or not they should reopen the businesses. A few of the US states including Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska have already started loosening up their restrictions and advised the businesses to open again despite constant warnings of the downsides to it.

Aside from that, India has also advised on opening some of the neighbourhood stores, the mobile and electronic shops and such. But, the lenience is still not applied to majority of the red zones and quarantined towns that are the worst hit because of the covid-19.

While the shopping malls have still be advised to remain close, the opening of the small stores have brought in some relief for these small scale businessmen.

India has also allowed the manufacturing and the farming industry in the rural areas to get back in operation but with all the necessary precautions taken.

The WHO has informed that there are no possible evidence that the person who has been infected with the novel coronavirus to be infected again.

Sri Lanka has also lifted their monthlong day time curfew in 2/3rd of the country. But, with the increase in the number of cases again, the country imposed a 24-hours lockdown till Monday.

Norway has imposed its ban on gatherings of 500 people till September 01.

Spain authorities have reported that the people will be allowed to leave their homes for quick walks around in the neighbourhood but ensuring to follow all the safety protocols as suggested.

The coronavirus has already infected over 3 million people and has caused over 200,000 deaths worldwide already.

By Somapika Dutta

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