Is Omicron the final wave of Coronavirus?Top Stories

December 23, 2021 15:04
Is Omicron the final wave of Coronavirus?

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Several variants of coronavirus made into the mankind from the past two years. Delta was known as the deadliest and then came Omicron. The new variant is highly transmissible and some of the nations are heading for a lockdown because of the huge spread. Several health experts told that the available coronavirus vaccines may not work for the new variant. The Christmas and New Year plans are impacted due to the variant all over the world. There are a lot of predictions about the variant and the ongoing debates say that the variant is dangerous. Dr Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration in the United States said that Omicron is a temporary incident and the world will bounce back soon.

Dr Scott Gottlieb said that the people are tired of coronavirus and the restrictions. "Omicron variant has thrown a curveball and it is a temporary incident. Omicron will blow through the US population quickly. 73 percent of the new cases in the country are due to the new Omicron variant" told Dr Scott Gottlieb. Several experts say that the Omicron variant would be the last one that would be severe. There are other experts who argue that coronavirus is here to stay. When compared to the other countries, the deaths due to the Omicron variant are more in USA. The cases are also high in the United Kingdom and some of the nations in Europe.

By Siva Kumar

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