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  • Coronavirus Variant XE, Coronavirus Variant XE new updates, first case of coronavirus variant xe reported in mumbai, Omicron

    First Case Of Coronavirus Variant XE reported in Mumbai 2022-04-07 08:59:37

    The third wave of coronavirus calmed down in India and the country is under recovery mode. Now, the first case of coronavirus XE is reported in Mumbai as per the reports from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. The media release also...

    Keywords: Coronavirus Variant XE spread, Coronavirus Variant XE spread, Coronavirus Variant XE Mumbai, Coronavirus Variant XE

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    Stealth Omicron China news, Stealth Omicron in China, china battles the biggest outbreak of covid 19, Omicron

    China Battles the Biggest Outbreak of Covid-19 2022-03-16 08:55:48

    It all started in China and the dangerous coronavirus shattered all the countries of the globe. China recovered well while the nations like USA, India, Brazil and others are impacted badly because of the pandemic. China is now back and...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, Stealth Omicron China news, Stealth Omicron latest updates, Stealth Omicron in China

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    Covid-19, coronavirus in China, new and highly infectious covid 19 variant emerges in china, Omicron

    New and Highly Infectious Covid-19 Variant Emerges in China 2022-10-12 10:20:37

    It all started in China and the Covid-19 pandemic shattered all the nations of the globe. Some of the nations are yet to recover completely from coronavirus. China now imposed fresh lockdowns and travel restrictions after the new and highly...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, new coronavirus variant in China, Covid-19 in China updates, Covid-19 in China new variant

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    Air Suvidha discontinued, Air Suvidha news, india discontinues air suvidha for international passengers, Omicron

    India Discontinues Air Suvidha for International Passengers 2022-11-22 09:22:21

    After the attack of the coronavirus, there were several restrictions imposed for the domestic and international air flyers. The Ministry of Civil Aviation of India now decided to lift off the mandatory Air Suvidha form that was made to be...

    Keywords: Air Suvidha India, Air Suvidha discontinued, Indian govenrnment, Air Suvidha updates

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    Omicron BQ.1 sub-variant Pune, Coronavirus India, first case of omicron bq 1 sub variant found in india, Omicron

    First Case of Omicron BQ.1 Sub-Variant Found in India 2022-10-18 13:23:26

    India reported its first case of BQ.1, the sub-variant of Omicron in Pune. The case was found in a sample in Pune. It is a descendant of BA.5 of Omicron which is a dominant version of SARS-CoV-2 in the USA....

    Keywords: Omicron BQ.1 sub-variant cases, Omicron, Omicron, Coronavirus

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    Israel Coronavirus deaths, Israel Coronavirus deaths, israel reports a new variant of coronavirus, Omicron

    Israel Reports a New Variant of Coronavirus 2022-03-17 12:06:57

    The Health Ministry of Isreal revealed that the country a new variant and the nation is worried about it. The new variant is a combination of two sub-variants of Omicron version BA.1 and BA.2. This saw light during the PCR...

    Keywords: Israel Coronavirus, Israel Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Israel Coronavirus variant

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