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September 18, 2020 17:49
Moderna, Pfizer share COVID vaccine trial Blueprints

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Pfizer company is currently carrying out phase 3 human trials of its COVID-19 vaccine in the US, the same goes for Moderna.

Following the calls for transparency, Moderna becomes the first US Biotech firm to publish its complete blueprints of the study the company carried out regarding the COIVD-19 vaccine.

Pfizer is another American company that is also currently carrying out its phase 3 trials in the US which have currently stopped the trials and receiving tremendous pressure to resume the trails again.

Phase 3 is the final stage before a vaccine gets registered for public use in hospitals and healthcare centers and before it gets open for public use.

In Phase 3 trials, the vaccine and placebo are given to hundreds of volunteers to check the safety of the newly developed vaccine.

The vaccine has now become deeply politicized after trump giving promises about the vaccines being available by November which he is doing as he was received negatively for mishandling the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump reiterated on Wednesday that the first vaccine would be approved by November which is creating fears that the US administration would push the pharma companies to speed up the process.

Experts in the republican President’s administration itself say that it is not possible to predict the results of the trials that are still underway and say that it is highly unlikely to have a strong and valid data before the end of 2020.

According to the health authorities in the US, the vaccines will be first available in limited amounts.

Moderna’s CEO said on Thursday that it would take them the time till November to know if the vaccine really works or not.

The reality of the vaccination is that it takes time to get the accurate results as the companies have to wait till the person gets naturally affected in order to compare the outcomes in the placebo group against the group that is administered the vaccine.

So any decline in the rate of infections will likely decline the immunization results.

According to sources, it will take more than a few weeks to recruit at least 30,000 volunteers for their second doses.

Moreover, the FDA has stated its bar for the guarantee of a vaccine reducing the COVID infections by 50 percent.

However, Moderna said that it would take the vaccine results to be generated by October which goes in line with Trump’s wishes.

Another frontrunner in the COVID vaccine race is AstraZeneca which is working in collaboration with Oxford University.

The phase 3 trials have been suspended last due to an inexplicable illness in a volunteer. However, the officials confirmed that the illness is not due to the vaccine.

The company has recently resumed the trials yet again.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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