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September 14, 2020 19:12
Here are the Facts on link between Dining out and Contracting COVID-19

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Adults who tested positive for coronavirus were twice likely to have dined out than those who have tested negative as per a study.

The morbidity and mortality report which was published recently by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention on September 11 features a study on adults aged 18 or above who were tested positive for the coronavirus. The study was conducted at an outpatient or health care center from July 1 to July 29.

The study found out that the adults who were tested positive for the virus were twice likely to have dined out recently than those who were tested negative for coronavirus.

This also means that dining out at your favorite restaurant comes with its own repercussions and is directly linked to contracting COVID-19.

This study comes as an important feature at a time when several economies have started resuming activities.

The risk factors associated with group meetings and gatherings must be reconsidered for the benefit of the country.

The investigation mentions that when people expose themselves to places where wearing masks and maintaining social distancing becomes difficult or if they go to locations that have on-site eating and drinking, this might prove detrimental and can become an important risk factor for the coronavirus infection.

What does the study tell?

In the study conducted by the researchers, both positive and negatively tested people were exposed to a similar lifestyle with an exception for those who were engaged in on-site eating.

The investigation has clearly shown that more than half of the people who have recently turned positive for COVID-19 have dined out at least once before 14 days of testing positive.

Further, approximately half of the participants reported shopping or visiting people inside the homes in groups of 10 or less at least for a day before they started developing the symptoms in the 14 day period.

Among the adults who had COVID-19, 49 percent of them reported that they had closer contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Surprisingly, most of the positive COVID-19 people were from the family itself.

Meanwhile, among those who tested negative, about 14 percent reported getting in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person.

Does dining out increase the chance of infection?

The primary notice of the investigation is that exposure to COVID-19 has been associated with air circulation. The direction, ventilation, and also the airflow plays a major role in intensifying the chance of catching the virus despite following the social distancing norms and wearing masks.

Moreover, wearing masks while dining out is not always possible which can increase the chance of contracting the virus.

Meanwhile, activities like shopping or visiting someone’s house do not require people to removing the masks which are considered safer than dining out.

One of the earliest studies in China proved that a diner in a closed restaurant has spread the infection to 9 other people dining at the same restaurant.

This research found evidence that the spread of the infection is due to the droplet transmission by the air-conditioned ventilation.

What are the limitations of the investigation?

The study did not distinguish between indoor and outdoor and their influence on COVID-19. Moreover, the research was only conducted 314 people who went for testing at 11 health care centers in the US.

Participants were also aware of their test results which might have influenced their responses.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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