U.S has rode over the peak of new coronavirus cases: Donald TrumpTop Stories

April 16, 2020 14:05
U.S has rode over the peak of new coronavirus cases: Donald Trump

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The country has tide over the peak of the new coronavirus cases in India, said Donald Trump in an interview on Wednesday. He further alluded to it saying that it is likely that the country might indulge in some changes in the social distancing restrictions soon enough.

As for reports and statistics, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in U.S has crossed 630,000 with the death toll over 28,000.

In one of his daily White House press conferences, President Trump stated saying, “The battle continues, but the data suggest that nationwide we have passed the peak on new cases. Hopefully, that will continue, and we will continue to make great progress.”

These encouragements and positive changes are what the country is on the lookout for. These new hopes can also help the president decide better on the social distancing norms in the country as well. The new social mitigation procedure is expected to be announced today.

Dr Deborah Brix, who is a member of the coronavirus task force in the United States said that there has been a decline in the number of confirmed cases across the country in the last 4-5 days.

Brix further stated saying, “is has been very reassuring for us. At the same time, we know that mortality and the fatalities that we are facing across the United States continue.”

Nine states across the country have less than 1000 confirmed cases and have less than 30 cases in a day. Some of the states in U.S like California, Oregon and even Washington didn’t experience any peak because of the citizens and the officials who have followed the rules and mandates to keep the spread of the virus to a bare minimum.

While New York was the first hotspot of the Covid-19 in U.S, the same has currently shifted to Boston which has been reporting new cases quite effectively.

Dr. Brix reminded people that not obliging through social distancing and the necessary precautions can result in a resurgence of the infection in the country.

She further clarified saying, “No one is intending to spread the virus. We know if you are sick you will stay home. But to all of you that are out there that would like to join together and just have that dinner party for 20 don't do it yet. Continue to follow the presidential guidelines. We really appreciate the work of the American people.”

The medical and the healthcare advances in the country are a need of the hour at this moment of crisis across the world.

Trump stated saying, “To date, we have authorized 48 separate coronavirus tests and the FDA is working with 300 companies and labs to widen our capacity still further.”

The Abotts Labs also reported that they have created an antibody testing kit that can help find out whether someone has been previously infected with the novel coronavirus and whether or not they have developed immunity against the same.

The administration is also working of stocking up and supplying health care facilities across the states in the country. They started the Project Air bridge that aided people from across the country get the necessary supplies.

The federal government has till now manufactured and delivered over 39.4 million N95 masks, 431 million gloves, millions of surgical masks and gowns for the frontline workers.

Addressing the talks of the possible reopening, Trump stated saying, “Lately, what we want to come up with is a safe vaccine, but frankly, the therapies to me are the most important because it takes care of people right now.”

Trump said that the development of the vaccines is currently underway. With so many possible roadblocks, the same is taking time. In the meanwhile, they have some potential therapies which have been working on the patients.

Currently, over 35 trials of the potential treatment of this disease is being conducted.

By Somapika Dutta

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