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  • Covid-19 breaking news, Covid-19 emergence, covid 19 is leaked from wuhan lab confirms us report, Donald trump

    Covid-19 is leaked from Wuhan Lab confirms US report 2021-06-08 07:18:46

    The Covid-19 pandemic created a toll on the people across the globe and all the countries are impacted due to the deadly virus that emerged from China. The initial reports said that the virus emerged from a lab in Wuhan...

    Keywords: Covid-19 emergence, Covid-19 in USA, Covid-19 USA report, Covid-19 breaking news

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    Joe Biden, Joe Biden Pfizer, usa to distribute pfizer vaccine for 100 countries, Donald trump

    USA to distribute Pfizer vaccine for 100 Countries 2021-06-10 05:47:34

    American President Joe Biden is all set to address the global coronavirus vaccination shortage and he is all set to announce that the United States of America will send 500 million doses of Pfizer vaccine to 100 countries of the...

    Keywords: USA new updates, Joe Biden, Joe Biden Pfizer news, Pfizer

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    United States Mission target, United States Mission updates, record number of indian students to apply for usa this fall, Donald trump

    Record Number of Indian Students to Apply for USA this Fall 2021-08-24 07:53:22

    The number of Indian students studying in the USA have been gradually increasing over the years. There has been a sudden decline in the numbers because of the restrictions imposed by Donald Trump and his government. The United States Mission...

    Keywords: United States Mission breaking news, United States Mission updates, Indian students for 2022, United States Mission target

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    Donald Trump banned, Facebook bans Donald Trump, facebook bans donald trump for 2 years, Donald trump

    Facebook bans Donald Trump for 2 years 2021-06-05 06:12:17

    Former US President Donald Trump has been facing the heat from the social media giants because of his controversial posts. Some of his posts triggered violence. Social media giant Facebook announced a ban on Donald Trump for two complete years...

    Keywords: Donald Trump news, Donald Trump breaking news, Donald Trump latest updates, Donald Trump news

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    USA fixed time visa rule updates, fixed time visa rule breaking news, joe biden cancels fixed time visa rule for international students, Donald trump

    Joe Biden cancels fixed time visa rule for International Students 2021-07-09 09:31:35

    Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America rolled back the rule of establishing a fixed time period for the admission along with the extension for non-immigrant academic students which was floated by Donald Trump and his administration....

    Keywords: USA fixed time visa rule amended, fixed time visa rule USA, fixed time visa rule updates, USA fixed time visa rule updates

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    Donald Trump latest updates, Joe Biden, donald trump s sensational comments on usa and china, Donald trump

    Donald Trump's Sensational Comments on USA and China 2021-10-07 10:35:41

    Donald Trump, the ex-President of the United States made some shocking statements that the USA may end up in a war with China. He warned saying that Beijing will no longer respect the USA. He said that the United States...

    Keywords: Donald Trump about China, Donald Trump about China, Joe Biden, Donald Trump breaking news

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