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    Texas Shooting: Parents fearful and helpless 2022-05-26 08:50:43

    The Texas school shooting incident in USA created a sensation and 19 students along with 2 teachers got killed. The incident took place in Texas Primary school and it is named as the deadliest shooting attack ever in the decade....

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    Salvador Ramos, Salvador Ramos, texas school shooting 19 teens killed, Salvador ramos

    Texas School Shooting: 19 Teens killed 2022-05-25 10:21:42

    A teenage gunman opened fire in a Texas school and the incident left 19 people killed and two adults. The incident took place in an elementary school in Texas and the incident created a sensation across the nation. The attack...

    Keywords: Texas School Shooting breaking news, Texas School Shooting updates, Texas School Shooting students, Texas School Shooting news

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