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  • Chinese apps banned, Weibo and Modi, chinese app weibo delays pm modi s request of deleting the account, Personal data

    Chinese App Weibo delays PM Modi’s request of deleting the account: 2020-07-02 06:39:16

    After the ban of 59 Chinese apps, PM Modi also wanted to quit from other apps which are Chinese Based. Weibo, the micro-blogging app delays the Prime Minister’s request of deleting the account. On Monday Indian Government announced the ban...

    Keywords: Chinese apps banned, Chinese apps banned, Chinese apps banned, Weibo and Modi

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    Apple-Google to approach Indian Government, Apple-Google to approach Indian Government, apple google covid 19 contact tracing feature is live why does it not work in india yet, Personal data

    Apple-Google Covid-19 contact tracing feature is live, why does it not work in India yet? 2020-06-29 09:03:19

    In the month of April two rival Tech-biggies, Apple and Google joined hands for the first time in these times of need. This unprecedented move was made as a step to tackle the pandemic which has hit the entire world....

    Keywords: Apple and Google join hands, Apple-Google to approach Indian Government, Apple-Google to approach Indian Government, Apple and Google join hands

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    Senate, government, us bans tik tok on government issued devices, Personal data

    US Bans Tik Tok on Government-Issued Devices 2020-07-24 17:34:21

    A US Senate panel has approved the ban on Tik Tok for federal employees who are using government issued devices. In what comes as another blow to Tik Tok, the US senate committee on Wednesday has passed a bill that...

    Keywords: Tik Tok, Senate, Tik Tok, US

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    Google, iOS 13.7, apple releases ios 13 7 with covid 19 exposure notifications, Personal data

    Apple releases iOS 13.7 with COVID-19 exposure notifications 2020-09-02 11:23:02

    Apple and Google have unveiled a new COVID-19 exposure notification express system to support COVID-19 contact tracing. Apple has announced recently that it will release iOS 13.7 to the public display and will introduce a major expansion in the COVID-19...

    Keywords: iOS 13.7, exposure notification express, iOS 13.7, exposure notification express

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    apps, Delhi district court, a lawyer uses chinese camscanner app to file bail application judge objects, Personal data

    A lawyer uses Chinese 'Camscanner' app to file Bail application, Judge Objects 2020-08-27 11:00:57

    A Judge from Delhi district court objected to a lawyer’s bail application after the lawyer used the cam scanner app to present it. An interesting set of events unfolded in Delhi district court on Wednesday when a lawyer used the...

    Keywords: Delhi district court, government, government, Camscanner

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    Microsoft, Bing, microsoft renames office 365 rebrands bing and windows defender, Personal data

    Microsoft renames Office 365, rebrands Bing and Windows Defender 2020-09-01 07:38:11

    Microsoft has been working to rebrand its search engine Bing and the developer community has witnessed significant changes to the service in the recent past. Microsoft is currently bringing a lot of changes to its brand and the company has...

    Keywords: logo, Microsoft, logo, Bing

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