Researchers say kissing a partner can make you live longerLove And Sex

February 05, 2020 19:19
Researchers say kissing a partner can make you live longer

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A kiss is a tender feel that is shared with a person you love and a taboo that people take a step back when asked to talk about. Giving a kiss is not just a sexual intimation but it helps you a lot more regarding the health benefits. According to the studies that have been conducted, kissing not only helps is strengthening the bond that you share with your partner but it also makes you healthy and reduces the chances of several lifestyle diseases as well.

Listed below are few health benefits that one can attain by sharing a kiss with the ones whom they love.

Kissing helps in boosting your immunity:

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A recent study that has been reported in the journal Medical Hypotheses says that sharing a kiss may increase the immunity of a woman from Cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus is said to be a very common virus that can infect almost everyone and rarely causes problems regarding health but if a woman is a carrier of the virus during pregnancy it can cause infant blindness and other birth defects.

Researches that have been conducted say that since 80 percent of the bacteria is present in saliva and is common for everyone, the 20 percent that is remaining is only unique to an individual and swapping this bacteria through kissing helps in developing the antibodies that help your body in fighting against various infections and this also boosts up the immunity in your body.

Kissing helps in burning calories:

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Several researches have been conducted regarding the calories that would burn during the action of a kiss and based on several reports it can be said that anywhere between 2 to 6 calories can be burnt in a minute.

Kissing helps in reducing blood pressure:

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A passionate kiss when share with the one you love, makes you hear your heart thumping. This can be said as kissing will regulate your heartbeat and it dilates the blood vessels which in turn help in lowering the level of the blood pressure.

Kissing helps in prevention of lung diseases:

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Breathing is said to be an excellent exercise for your lungs. The more you breathe, the healthier is the state of your lungs. A study says that the count of inhaling increases while kissing which has been recorded as if an individual inhales for about twenty times in a minute, this would increase to being sixty times in a minute while kissing. This tends to be an exercise for your lungs and helps the lungs stay healthier as it decreases the chance of development of any disease in the organ.

Kissing makes you more productive at work:

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Sharing a morning kiss with your partner will boost up your confidence by 50 percent and you tend to feel confident and happier through out the day. It has also been observed that a morning kiss shall also increase the concentration levels and it will in turn help you with the increase in the productivity through out the day at work.

Kissing helps in relieving headaches:

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Sever headaches at the workplace is the worst experience one can go through. The headaches can be relieved with a kiss as sharing a kiss with your partner is comforting which can be explained as kissing having a dilative effect on the blood vessels. This also helps in relieving the menstrual cramps.

Kissing helps in making your facial muscles stronger:

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According to the researchers, it has been found that around thirty muscles will be used while kissing and the smooch will not only helps you get relaxed but it also helps in tightening the cheeks.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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