Consult a doctor if you plan for a baby years after!Pregnancy & Parenting

May 27, 2015 16:17

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Most of the working women are planning for pregnancy after achieving some targets, even the urban and educated families are insisting them to accumulate wealth or properties before conceiving. That’s really good, but there could be a problem of infertility in future, so consult a doctor now if you plan for pregnancy years after.

As the changing lifestyle of both men and women, leading to stress, anxiety, impotency, ill health and mistrust, people should have precautionary steps for perfect and healthy motherhood.

The common factors for infertility include hormonal imbalance, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), thyroid, endometriosis, fibroid, cyst, etc. But, if these kind of defects or problems are diagnosed in early stages, the modern drugs can restore good health for motherhood.

Women must be encouraged to undergo for periodical medical examination for their well-being, since most of the diseases will come into the light at severe or chronic stage only.

However, pregnancy before attaining menopause is suggested for women. The sufficient ovarian reserve and timely menstruations can give healthy pregnancy.

It is to be noted that the infertility is not just a problem of women, since the weaker semen and sperm count in men also matters here.

Healthy parents with good health records of ancestry and balanced lifestyle can give happy children.


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