Woman, grow up!Manage your life

October 27, 2011 09:56
Woman, grow up!

LoversIndiaWell, this big statement. Many women would also abuse me for putting such a debatable title for the article. But, it is reality people. Today’s woman is perfect in every other aspect of Education, work and personal life balance, handling relationships, communication skills, effective and efficient working style, multi-tasking, and what not. But, one constant mistake that we are making, being in our complete conscious, ending up in a ‘bad’ relationship. It could be because of our inherent nature to believe people within no time, analyzing things, situations and people so soon and taking those decisions that many times turn out to be a question mark in many cases.

Sad part is, many woman are in a dilemma whether they have taken a correct decision by choosing a right partner for them or not. Better late than never, woman wake up. Try to see the reality and the darker side of your relationship, if there is some intuition that is poking you. These situations might help you find out what your partner actually thinks about you and are you really important for him or not.

Example 1#

Each time you need him emotionally, or you want to spend time with him, or have some ‘close’ conversations with him, he simply says, ‘no dear, I can’t meet you. I am stuck up in a meeting’. Only if he wants to meet and spend time with you, he comes to you. This clearly states that, your emotions do not matter to him at all. It is only ‘him’ who is in the relationship. This is a very dangerous sing though!

Example 2#

Each time you go out with him, meet friends and family, right from your dress to your hair to your walking style and even to how much you should speak with others is decided by him? Better buck up dear, this is not ‘caring’ of him towards you. It is clear that he is damn possessive about his rules should be followed by you and wants you to obey his ‘orders’. Baby, you are not a slave…

Example 3#

He regularly checks your phone, sometimes even the detailed phone calls list of your Mobile. Does not even let you speak with a friend of yours who is of opposite sex. All the time, monitoring about what you are doing, where are you, to what extent you are moving with your colleagues. Does not take that ‘positive’ compliment given by your male friend, colleague, brother or even your cousin and in turn warn you to not to speak with them, then he is trying to say, your life should start and end only with him. Now, you decide can you live all your life in such an atmosphere?

Example 4#

He all the time praises about the behavior, bubbliness and looks of your friends and compares your negative with the positive of your friends and even asks you to change similar to that of your friend. If you are sensible enough, please ask him to go to your friend only and let you live your life in a peace.

Example 5#

He asks you to not to work, just sit at home and do nothing. Not to pursue your interest and passion. Just cook for him and take care of the house. Even if you are interested in making some money or even if you are interested in learning something new, it is a ‘big No’ for him. This means he wants you to be detached with the rest of the World!

Example 6#

He encourages you to work, earn as much as you can. Do two to three jobs at a time, if your work timings are flexible and give all your earnings to him, so that he can ‘save’ it for your ‘future’. He does not even let you to spend certain percentage of your earnings. Your entire wish to buy something for you, right from clothes to a clip, is a complete waste for him. On the other hand, he gets all those costly gadgets for him, with your money… are your eyes are closed? Can’t you see he is using you as an ATM and nothing more? It’s high time now!

Well, every situation has an exception and depends on each individual perception. But, I believe, not much time would take to recognize the true ‘colors’ of a person. If you did and found your partner to be useless, tell him the same and move on ‘lady’. After all, a bad relationship is not the end of the world!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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