What's killing your libido?Healthy Living

October 05, 2013 16:50
What's killing your libido?},{What's killing your libido?

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Not getting enough sex? We help you look beyond the sheets to unearth the reasons that could be dampening your intimate life.

"A stalled libido could be due to a number of physical, emotional and psychological reasons ranging from conflicts with your partner, stress, depression, refraining from intimacy for a long time, grooming related issues, physical problems or simply not keeping well," observes TOI.

Fatigue and sleep deprivation
Not getting enough sleep? If yes, then watch your sleep cycle. People who sleep for six hours or less experience low sex drive. Chronic sleep deprivation can lower levels of sex hormone in both men and women, killing your intimate life completely. So get enough shut-eye.

Does your partner snore? Funny it might sound, sleep apnea is one of the prime reasons for poor sex life. Not only does it cause abnormal breathing, but also leads to weight gain and gravely affects your libido.

Stress and depression
Stress is surely a killer. Constant stress and depression can wane your libido and topple of your intimate life. So better keep hold of your nerves.

AW: Suchorita Dutta Choudhury

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