7 Benefits Of Not Wearing Underwear At NightWomen Health

June 11, 2020 20:04
7 Benefits Of Not Wearing Underwear At Night

If you are a woman who has been wearing underwear all day every day, you are going to be shocked reading this. Women have a lot more complications with their genitals than man do. They are also often at a higher risk of developing urinary infections more than men. This is one of the reasons why it is important to ensure that you know the benefits of going commando. It might not seem like a lot, but this little habit change can effectively impact your health for the better.

Let us walk you through some of the reasons why sans underwear is a good choice.

Better airflow

One of the most common issues that you are likely going to experience with wearing underwear is restrictive airflow. In case you have been experiencing something similar, one of the best ways to change that is by letting go of the underwear for good. You don’t have to do a lot but just getting rid of the underwear ensures that you can let the air flow more freely, which is quite amazing in keeping your genital health better. It lets your labia and vagina breathe more freely and ensure better airflow as well.

Lesser risks of bad bacteria

One of the common reasons behind the urinary tract infections is because of the bad bacteria. In case you have been experiencing this quite often, it is likely because of the underwear. Ditching your underwear at night helps keep your vaginal health in the best condition. It reduces the risks of the bacterial transfer from the anus to the vagina, which is very common in women. Ditching the underwear helps reduce the risks by a lot and practicing this, you will realise how much of a change it brings to your life.

Faster clear-up of yeast infections

If you are struggling with yeast infections and you have been looking for better ways to cure this up, getting rid of the underwear is likely the best option. This necessarily might not seem like the best option but it does make a lot of difference. Allowing the air to hit your pubes and vagina allows to dry up the moisture and reduce the risks of the infection from becoming worse, letting you have a better recovery from the yeast infections in no time at all.

Lesser friction

If you are someone who exercises at night, one of the best ways to have a comfortable gym session is by getting rid of the panty and going commando. This allows lesser friction, helping keep your risks of rashes and pain away. This also lets the air move and flow around freely, further assuring a comfortable exercise experience unlike anything else. You might not know or understand this but it does make a lot of difference once you start getting used to it.

Prevent unnecessary dampness

Many women experience frequent dampness around their vagina and vulva region. If that is something that you experience as well, one of the best ways to overcome the issue is by getting rid of the underwear. This helps keep the dampness in check and prevents unnecessary risks of the UTIs in check as well. But, it is important that you wear something loose and non-constricting, especially of you are not wearing underwear. If you are wearing tight fitted pants after ditching your underwear, there is no point wearing an underwear at all.

Prevents the impacts of harsh chemicals

Every time that you wash your underwear, you are lodging harsh chemicals in it. It is important for your genital hygiene but then again, is it good for your everyday wear? Sometimes, ditching the underwear is a good way to let your vagina and labia breathe and prevent from coming in direct contact with such harsh chemicals. It can be the fabric softener or even the detergent that can cause irritation to your skin. So, take a little break from wearing such chemical infused underwear and give your vagina and labia a little break.

It is more comfortable

Let’s be honest, not wearing an underwear is comfortable. You can’t deny that at all. It is non constricting and very comfortable in letting your genitals breathe through. Wearing an underwear can get itchy and even become uncomfortable riding up your cracks. That is often one of the worst experiences you can witness. Getting rid of these extra fabrics can be extremely comfortable for your skin and ensure that you don’t experience things in the long run.
So, why not ditch something that is making you uncomfortable and lead a peaceful life? Now that you know some of the benefits of ditching the underwear, one of the best ways to overcome the issues is by getting a hang of it over time.

- Somapika Dutta

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