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December 11, 2013 16:24
Viagra is the new cure for period pain},{Viagra is the new cure for period pain

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Think that little blue pill is only meant for getting your man's little John up and throbbing? Well, not really.

Viagra, besides being a sexual stimulant, packs in a wad of other benefits - right from curing your jet lag to lowering the risk of heart failure and stroke. And if you think that's all, listen to this.

If you are someone who suffer from extensive period cramps, then Viagra could be your new best friend. Yes, it's true. Researchers have found that popping the little blue pill during period can alleviate cramps by relaxing tissues around the pelvic region, dilating the blood vessels and boosting blood flow.

Ibuprofen, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and one of the most commonly used drug during period, run the risk of causing stomach ulcers and damaging kidneys. Viagra, however, if taken as pessary, comes with no such side-effects.

For all who don't know, Viagra was originally made for angina patients to boost their blood supply to heart. It's erection improving benefits were only discovered accidentally much later.

AW: Suchorita Dutta Choudhury

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