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January 05, 2024 14:32
North India shivering with Cold wave

(Image source from: ANI)

A severe cold wave has taken a grip on northern India, leading to freezing temperatures and a thick layer of fog in several regions. Indian-administered Kashmir has experienced temperatures below -5C, causing the famous Dal Lake and other water bodies to partially freeze. This has hindered transportation, leaving boatmen unable to ferry passengers and tourists. Additionally, the cold has frozen water pipelines and disrupted road transport, making it challenging for locals to access daily necessities.

The drop in temperatures and dense fog have also resulted in disruptions to train schedules across northern India. With the Indian Railways being a vital part of the country's transport system, delayed trains have caused chaos for the approximately 23 million passengers it carries daily. In the capital city of Delhi, where temperatures have dropped as low as 7C, the cold wave has particularly affected the homeless population who rely on pavements for shelter.

Moreover, the cold wave has caused health concerns, especially in Delhi, which already experiences high pollution levels during the winter months. The weather department has cautioned people to drive carefully in foggy conditions and advised the use of fog lights for improved visibility on the roads. They have also advised individuals to limit outdoor activities unless necessary and to cover their faces when going outside.

As the cold wave is predicted to persist for the next few days, it is essential for residents and travelers in affected areas to take precautions to ensure their safety and well-being.

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