Pragyan has rolled out to start its workTop Stories

August 25, 2023 23:57
Pragyan has rolled out to start its work

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On Thursday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced that Chandrayaan 3 is running well and all the systems are working normally. Vikram Lander and Pragyan rover will start studying the moon's mineral composition and atmospheric activities.

Pragyan rover is carrying various technologies so as to study the geographical nature of the lunar space. After all the successful process, the ISRO chairman also hints about the challenges that lie ahead for the moon mission.

According to ISRO chairman as there is no atmosphere on the Moon, there are high chances of objects hitting from anywhere, and there are also chances for thermal issues, which can block the communication system. Any asteroid with tremendous velocity that hits both the lander and rover will be destroyed. As we can see the surface of the Moon is full of marks, which is caused by hitting space objects.

Somanath also says that even on Earth there are lakhs of space objects that come every hour near to the Earth to hit us, but our atmosphere burns them all.

But for now, everything is going well. The Pragyan rover is working on the chemical compositions of the Moon’s surface.

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