What are the lessons learned from Nature's Fury?Top Stories

July 26, 2021 14:12
What are the lessons learned from Nature's Fury?

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The recent landslides, downpours and the thunderstorms are a clear indication that the nature is no longer favorable for the mankind. More than 150 people passed away across Odisha on Sunday due to landslides and rain-related incidents. More than 100 people are reported to be missing. The landslides took place in the districts of Ratnagiri, Raigad and Satara. In the year 2014, the entire village of Malin in the district of Pune was buried due to a landslide. The livelihood is expected to hit hard in the future for sure. Several cyclones hit hard all around the year which never happened in the past. For humans, it is not possible to stop natural calamities but they can be minimized. The people across the regions should be alerted in advance and they have to be evacuated to safer places. People say that the authorities failed to predict and warn them in advance. Some of them have complaints that the officials are too late to respond.

The officials are not much serious to trace out if the villages are safe from landslides. The foothills, hamlets should be surveyed. Instead of alerting the villages and people during the tough times and evacuating them, it is better to conduct a survey to find if the land is safe from natural disasters. The process of rehabilitation is tedious and is a time-consuming process. It doesn't work in all the conditions. With the natural disasters taking a huge rise over the years, it is quite important for everyone to be extra cautious. The government of India should locate disaster-prone regions to prevent human loss in the future. Mumbai too received a huge downpour this year and more than 100 people passed away in various incidents. 94 landslide incidents have been reported in Mumbai between 2011 and 2018. Instead of rehabilitation, we have to think about the demolition of properties that are weak and dangerous to prevent human loss in the future.

By Siva Kumar

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