Children at a higher risk of getting white fungus infection?Top Stories

May 22, 2021 12:59
Children at a higher risk of getting white fungus infection?

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The new cases of coronavirus saw a huge surge in the country and the new headache for the Indian government is the black fungus infection that is present in several Indian states. The cases of black fungus are increasing on a remarkable note. The new breaking news is that four cases of white fungus infection are reported in Bihar and one of the patients is a doctor from Patna. The health experts say that the white fungus is more dangerous than the black fungus as it has an impact on the lungs and other body parts like stomach, brain, kidney, nails, skin and private parts. The white fungus is very dangerous and it infects children, women as per the doctors.

The white fungus occurs in the newborn in the form of diaper candidiasis. It causes cream colour spots in young children and leads to oral thrust. The coronavirus patients who are on oxygen support are more likely to be infected with white fungus and this infects the lungs. The cancer patients need to be extremely careful about the white fungus. Dr SN Singh, Chief of Microbiology at Patna Medical College Patna (PMCH) who tested the four patients of white fungus said that they had similar symptoms to coronavirus though they are not covid positive. Their lungs are infected and they are given anti-fungal medicines and they are in recovery mode.

White fungus is dangerous for those who are with weak immunity. Diabetics and those who are on steroids are at a more risk of getting infected with white fungus. White fungus can be prevented by sanitizing the oxygen and ventilator properly. The women and the children should be extra cautious as white fungus can affect them more.

By Siva Kumar

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