Nipah Virus Kills At least Three In India, Sparks AlertTop Stories

May 22, 2018 20:07
Nipah Virus Kills At least Three In India, Sparks Alert

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A venomous virus which is spreading mainly by creatures of fruit bats resulting to the death of least three people has killed at least of three people in the southern part of India, the medical alert has now sparked  emergency across the state on Monday.

Investigation on the same issue is being processed on eight other deaths in the state, on which the possible links leading to Nipah Virus, which has over 70 Percent of mortality rate.

Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan has requested the requested his citizens of the state to be watchful and secured, by following the discipline from health department officials.

"Health department is doing everything possible to save the lives of the infected & prevent the advance of virus,"  office of chief minister  posted on Twitter.

State Health secretary of Kerala Rajeev Sadananadan said that The victims all died in Calicut district.

The Infection Samples were tested in the government medical center labs confirming the presence of the Nipah virus in all three deaths, while Mr.Sadanandan reported the cause of few other suspicious deaths could only be confirmed through tests.

"We have sent blood and body fluid samples of all suspected cases for confirmation. It will take 24-48 hours for the results to come."

Indian Medical Health Minister hurried to the experts of medicos to the state after a local politician in the region informed that residents were scared in Calicut.

Central Ministry of Health J.P Nadda said that the medical experts team would "initiate required steps as warranted by the protocol for the disease", J.P. Nadda said on Twitter.

The three victims including two siblings, who were found dead in teenage which was reported by the press trust of India, the Press Trust.

A nurse who was assisting the victims was also found dead treating them, on Monday, while the victims father is undergoing medical treatment.

Neighbours reported top the local officials and media that, the victims have consumed a fruit which was taken up from a house under construction.

A bat was identified in the open well of their residence, which was closed and sealed later sealed.

Nipah induces flu-like symptoms that often lead to encephalitis and coma.

Fruit bats are being considered and monitored as the main carriers of the harmful virus for which no vaccination cloud be provided, according to the reports of World Health Organization.

The history of Nipah was first bought to notice in Malaysia in the year 1998.This virus had spread across to Singapore, resulting to the death of over 100 people were killed in both countries.

In India the disease was first identified in the year 2001 and later again after six years , with the two enormous outbreaks claiming 50 lives.

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