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June 04, 2024 15:27
WWDC 2024: From AI to iOS 18

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WWDC 2024 begins on June 10 and Apple will announce its plans for this year. As per tradition, the tech giant will announce upcoming upgrades during WWDC 2024. This upgrade will most likely be the next flagship product, processor, iOS, etc. But there's a catch. This year, Apple is expected to use the event as a platform for artificial intelligence communication. In fact, it is speculated that WWDC 2024 will focus primarily on artificial intelligence and its integration into devices. Competitors Microsoft and Google have already presented plans, and Apple will also enter the competition at the event. iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS and watchOS announcements are among the highlights of WWDC 2024. Let's take a look at what to expect at WWDC 2024. With WWDC 2024 just around the corner, Apple announced its keynote (more on that later). (to be announced soon). By providing little information, Apple is setting the stage for a bigger reveal. According to Bloomberg's Mark Garman, Apple's AI approach will focus on practical device features rather than flashy displays.


Apple is rumored to be unveiling iOS 18, one of its biggest software upgrades yet. At WWDC 2024, Apple plans to release new software updates for its devices. iOS 18 is definitely the most awaited update. iOS 18 is expected to bring significant improvements, including home screen customization, a new version of Siri, generative AI features, and more. To integrate more powerful features into iOS 18, Apple is also in discussions with Open AI, Google and Anthropic about integrating chatbots into its operating system. OpenAI's ChatGPT is expected to be the first product to be deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem as discussions continue with Google over Gemini.

But when will iOS 18 become a reality? According to reports, the first beta version of this new operating system, iOS 18, will be released at the end of July. Traditionally, the tech giant releases a stable version of the update for all existing devices a few days after the launch of its latest iPhone flagship in September. Users can expect the same in iOS 18 too.

Features of Artificial Intelligence:

To improve user experience, Apple is trying to simplify tasks by integrating artificial intelligence. Apart from iOS 18, the tech giant is likely to introduce a few other features. These features can include smart replays, voice note transcription, and AI-generated emojis. The tech giant plans to launch new tools with a particular focus on integrating tools that users can use in their daily tasks and interactions. Let's take a look at the details here.

Smart Recap feature: A new feature summarizes missed texts, notifications and media, giving users a quick overview of what they missed. This feature mimics Microsoft's Recall feature, which tracks recent activity on a device.

Voice note transcription: Voice note apps can receive AI-powered transcriptions and make it easier to record content.

AI-Powered Emojis: It is speculated that iOS 18 will introduce artificial intelligence in emojis. Apple is reportedly working on software that can create custom emojis based on users' text messages. This means that no matter what text you send, you'll get another set of AI-powered emoticons to express the same emotion, beyond Apple's current list of options.

Improved Siri: Apple is expected to introduce a more natural-sounding Siri, equipped with a larger voice model and improved Siri performance on Apple Watch. According to reports, the updated Siri will be able to control and interact with your iPad or iPhone better and more precisely. For example, using artificial intelligence, Siri can open individual documents, move notes to different folders, send or delete emails, open specific publications in Apple News, and you can also send or request them via email from your device.

Apple fans can watch the live stream on YouTube or Apple's event page. The WWDC 2024 keynote begins on June 10 at 10:00 AM PT or 10:30 PM India. Live broadcasts allow technology enthusiasts to follow all the details and publications of the event. Particle for direct object

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