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May 22, 2024 19:42
iOS 18 Likely To Bring AI-Powered Upgrades

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Apple is ready to release its own version of AI tools and AI-enabled hardware, competing with OpenAI and Google. The company will host a WWDC 2024 keynote on June 10, where Tim Cook and the iPhone and other Apple devices will give a glimpse of the first generation of AI services that will be introduced later this year. One of the most common use cases for AI is the aggregation of content, text, and other objects. A recent Bloomberg report suggests that Siri will be the biggest winner in terms of AI upgrades that will give it a conversational voice and introduce new features. Apple is negotiating a deal with OpenAI to bring Chat GPT to iPhone users, as confirmed at Cook & Co.'s keynote. next month. Here's a look at the iOS apps that could get a new lease of life thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence into iOS 18.

Apple is said to be putting artificial intelligence capabilities into the device, a proprietary boon, and the company already has data centers running on Apple's silicon chips. Most expected the company to outshine OpenAI and Google, but Apple's focus and product details are unlikely to impress as the company slowly runs its business and ensures security checks are completed before going public . Make your AI resources available to the public. As we recently saw with the M4-based 2024 iPad Pro models, major AI hardware upgrades are already underway, and soon the iPhone 16 Pro and Macs will also be updated to support these future AI features. Here are some apps:

– Auto summarising notifications
– Quick news summaries
– Transcribe voice memos
– AI-based photo editing
– AI-based app suggestions
– Auto-feed Calendar

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