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  • Coronavirus, Johnson & Johnson vaccine shelved, johnson johnson vaccine pause to impact the vaccination drive in usa, White house

    Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause to impact the Vaccination Drive in USA 2021-04-14 05:26:54

    The Federal Health Officials of USA announced that they wanted to pause the usage of the vaccine of Johnson & Johnson because of the blood clots. This would disrupt the ongoing mass vaccination drive for coronavirus in the country. USA...

    Keywords: Johnson & Johnson vaccine shelved, Johnson & Johnson vaccine updates, Johnson & Johnson vaccine in USA, Johnson & Johnson vaccine paused

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    Joe Biden on visa ban, Donald Trump, joe biden decides not to renew donald trump s h1b visa ban, White house

    Joe Biden decides not to renew Donald Trump's H1B Visa Ban 2021-03-31 06:21:40

    American President Joe Biden has decided not to renew the H1B visa ban that was imposed by the previous President Donald Trump. The plan will expire on Wednesday and the plan will not be renewed. The plan affected hundreds of...

    Keywords: Joe Biden, H1B visa ban, Joe Biden H1B Visa Ban latest news, Joe Biden H1B Visa Ban latest updates

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    cities, tourism, why dc is the best state for living in the usa, White house

    Why DC is the best state for living, in the USA 2021-02-10 00:34:33

    Apart from the high cost of living, DC is actually quite a great place to live in. The employment opportunities, convenience, the weather- everything is great. Although the province has its flaws, there is no doubt that it is one...

    Keywords: living, Washington, USA, USA

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    Joe Biden fire arms, Joe Biden new speech, joe biden responds on colorado and georgia shootings, White house

    Joe Biden responds on Colorado and Georgia shootings 2021-04-09 13:53:57

    The recent mass shootings and attacks in the USA left many in the scare and many innocents lost their lives. USA President Joe Biden responded about the gun violence calling it an epidemic and international embarrassment. He made these comments...

    Keywords: Joe Biden new updates, Joe Biden latest speech, Joe Biden fire arms, Joe Biden latest updates

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    Area 51, aliens, aliens among us is there extra terrestrial life, White house

    Aliens among us- is there extra-terrestrial life? 2020-12-19 10:54:13

    A few weeks ago, a picture and video which were allegedly leaked form the Pentagon show a UFO circling through and over government agencies. The report revealed the existence of a specific program, also known as AATIP- Advanced Aerospace Threat...

    Keywords: UFO, Area 51, Area 51, extra terrestrial life

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    Joe Biden, Prank, biden stuck outside the white house post inauguration and here s why, White house

    Biden stuck outside the White House Post Inauguration and here’s why: 2021-01-23 07:09:08

    Despite the grand inauguration ceremony, the Bidens had an awkward moment post ceremony. They were left to wait outside the White House as a result of a final “petty” act by Trump Administration. Last Wednesday, Joe Biden was inaugurated as...

    Keywords: White House, Trump, Prank, Trump

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