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  • tourism ministry, prahlad patel, tourism ministry to shed negative insight of india among global tourists, Visa

    Tourism Ministry to Shed Negative Insight of India Among Global Tourists 2019-08-09 12:12:01

    To improve visiting tourist’s experience in India, Culture and Tourists Minister of India Prahlad Patel is simplifying visa norms, making signages at sites available in multiple foreign languages, and streamlining licensing of tour and travel operators and government-authorized shops. In...

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    Saudi arabia, Saudi arabia, nri finally returns home after long legal battle in saudi arabia, Visa

    NRI Finally Returns Home After Long Legal Battle in Saudi Arabia 2019-08-19 13:23:45

    A Non-Resident Indian hailing from Telangana who was accused of forging Iqama, a resident visa, returned home recently after battling for justice for three years in Saudi Arabia. The 68-year-old Gandam Narsaiah originally from Chandurti Mandal in Rajanna Sircilla district...

    Keywords: Telangana, Gandam Narsaiah, Telangana, Telangana

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    H1B visa denials, h1b visa rejected what next, h 1b visa petition denials at all time high in first quarter 2019, Visa

    H-1B Visa Petition Denials at All-Time High in First Quarter 2019 2019-08-10 06:15:04

    The United States has turned down work visas to employees of India’s largest IT services exporters inordinately in the past year. According to data from the United States-based research foundation, the denial of work visas has risen to all-time high...

    Keywords: H1B visa denials, h1b denials 2019, uscis, H1B visa petition denials

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    Legal Immigrants, non citizen residents of US, trump tightens rules on legal immigrants seeking public aid, Visa

    Trump Tightens Rules on Legal Immigrants Seeking Public Aid 2019-08-13 05:39:59

    Trump administration on Monday announced new rules that would threaten to set back the citizenship hopes of millions of migrants mostly Hispanic who work for low wages and rely on public services for survival. According to new rules announced by...

    Keywords: non citizen residents of US, Legal Immigrants seeking public aid, Legal Immigrants on public aid, Legal Immigrants on public assistance

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    International Travel, Indians traveling overseas, indians spend record forex on international travel, Visa

    Indians Spend Record Forex on International Travel 2019-08-16 12:14:56

    The World Tourism Organization revealed that Indians are spending a record amount on international travel. As per June 2019, spending on foreign travel amounted to $596 million, the highest since the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) started collating data under the liberalized remittance scheme....

    Keywords: Indians traveling overseas, International Travel, Indians traveling overseas, International Travel

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    kenneth juster letter reuters, US tech firms in India, u s assures support to american tech companies in india, Visa

    U.S. Assures Support to American Tech Companies in India 2019-08-20 05:04:37

    The United States ambassador to India Kenneth I. Juster has written to top American companies in India assuring them of support for a level playing field in India, according to Reuters. In his letter, Juster urged the heads of leading...

    Keywords: kenneth juster letter to India, American tech companies in india, American tech companies in india, american firms in India

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