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  • Bimbisara three days, Bimbisara movie updates, bimbisara five days worldwide collections, Vassishta

    Bimbisara Five Days Worldwide Collections 2022-08-10 11:41:56

    Nandamuri Kalyanram is on a box-office rampage with his latest offering Bimbisara. The actor did not deliver a hit in the recent years. He spent a bomb on Bimbisara and the trailer caught everyone's attention. The film opened with a...

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    Bimbisara first weekend, Bimbisara first weekend, bimbisara 17 days worldwide collections, Vassishta

    Bimbisara 17 Days Worldwide Collections 2022-08-22 11:33:14

    Nandamuri Kalyanram amazed and surprised the audience with his recent offering Bimbisara. The film is directed by a debutant Vassishta and the film had Kalyanram playing a dual role. Kalyanram played a ruthless Chola King Bimbisara in one of the...

    Keywords: Bimbisara three days, Bimbisara successmeet, Vassishta, Bimbisara first weekend

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    Bimbisara breaking news, Bimbisara movie updates, bimbisara first week worldwide collections, Vassishta

    Bimbisara First Week Worldwide Collections 2022-08-12 12:09:48

    Nandamuri Kalyanram’s Bimbisara is on a rampage and the film has been doing wonders at the box-office. Directed by a debutant Vassishta, Bimbisara is a socio fantasy film packed with action and Kalyanram played a dual role. Bimbisara collected a...

    Keywords: Bimbisara first weekend, Bimbisara total business, Bimbisara, Kalyanram

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    Bimbisara and Sita Ramam collections, Bimbisara, bimbisara and sita ramam creating history, Vassishta

    Bimbisara And Sita Ramam Creating History 2022-08-09 12:45:41

    Tollywood had a disastrous June and July at the box-office. Except for films like Vikram and Major, all the films ended up as duds and left the distributors, and producers in deep losses. There was a scare in the film...

    Keywords: Bimbisara and Sita Ramam weekdays numbers, Sita Ramam, Bimbisara and Sita Ramam collections, Bimbisara and Sita Ramam updates

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    Bimbisara eleven days numbers, Bimbisara news, bimbisara eleven days collections, Vassishta

    Bimbisara Eleven Days Collections 2022-08-16 12:44:14

    Nandamuri Kalyanram hasn’t scored a success in the recent years and the actor pinned all his hopes on Bimbisara. The film is a periodic film that is banked on VFX and Kalyanram played the title role as Bimbisara, a ruthless...

    Keywords: Bimbisara review, Bimbisara news, Bimbisara breaking updates, Bimbisara news

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    Bimbisara, Kalyanram, kalyanram s bimbisara 21 days collections, Vassishta

    Kalyanram's Bimbisara 21 Days Collections 2022-08-26 09:36:36

    Nandamuri Kalyanram scored the biggest ever hit in his career with Bimbisara. The periodic drama is also the costliest film made in his career. Debutant Vassistha directed the film and Kalyanram thrilled the audience in a dual role in this...

    Keywords: Bimbisara successmeet, Bimbisara breaking news, Bimbisara movie updates, Bimbisara first weekend

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