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  • Actors, movies, up coming bollywood movies to be released in 2021, Vaccine

    Up-coming Bollywood movies to be released in 2021 2021-01-02 12:05:24

    Bollywood has been delivering hits back to back since the beginning. This year, there are more to come. These are a list of the most anticipated Bollywood movies to be released in 2021 1. Nail Polish This movie will star...

    Keywords: release dates, release dates, Bollywood, upcoming movies

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    COVID-19, USA, how is pennsylvania with covid 19 compared to other states, Vaccine

    How is Pennsylvania with COVID-19 compared to other states 2021-01-05 12:21:49

    Is Pennsylvania doing okay or bad with COVID-19? How is the situation in the respective state compared to other states in the US. The Pennsylvania health officials stated that there are 3,226 new COVID-19 cases on Monday. The rounds the...

    Keywords: COVID-19, USA, COVID-19, USA

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    Maryland, health officials, maryland covid 19 rate rises by 9 increases concerns and protocols, Vaccine

    Maryland COVID-19 rate rises by 9% - increases concerns and protocols 2021-01-05 11:27:52

    Maryland state’s COVID-19 rate rose by 9% and still continuing. There were a reported 2,483cases with 33 deaths according to health officials on Monday. The state has a total of 2,87,802 cases in the state since the beginning of the...

    Keywords: Maryland, health officials, Maryland, COVID-19

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    Vaccine, COVID-19, covid 19 cases rise drastically in india country on alarm, Vaccine

    COVID-19 Cases Rise Drastically in India- Country on alarm 2021-01-11 05:21:22

    Over the last 24 hours there have been 16,311 new cases and 161 deaths recorded in India. This brings the total number of active cases in the country currently to a whooping 2,22,526. 10,092,909 patients who suffered from the virus...

    Keywords: COVID-19, India, pandemic, COVID-19

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    budget, gross profit, pandemic put a pause on everything except hollywood, Vaccine

    Pandemic put a pause on everything except Hollywood 2021-01-02 06:34:55

    It is no secret that during the pandemic, people found more time to watch TV shows or movies from either cable TV or strumming services. Since all theatres have shut down, people have found solace in using streaming services instead....

    Keywords: Streaming TV, Hollywood, gross profit, budget

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    vaccine, Mutant strain, the pfizer vaccine is effective for the new mutant strain, Vaccine

    The Pfizer Vaccine is Effective For The New Mutant Strain 2021-01-08 06:00:33

    The University of Texas Medical Branch stated that the Pfizer vaccine is effective against the new Mutant Strain which originated in the UK. The Pfizer Inc and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine was tested against the new mutants strain and appeared to...

    Keywords: Pfizer, COVID-19, COVID-19, Mutant strain

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