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  • Students deportation, students admission in USA, only a visa is not enough to enter to usa, Usa visa

    Only a visa is not enough to enter to USA 2023-08-23 17:47:53

    Only getting a visa is not an assurance of entering the USA, even answers at the time of immigration check should satisfy the criteria of the US. Recently US immigration officials are sending back Indian students from immigration check. Nearly...

    Keywords: Telugu students, Students deportation, Telugu students, USA Visa

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    USA Visa Slots latest, USA Visa Slots August, us visa slots open for mid july to mid aug, Usa visa

    US Visa Slots Open For Mid-July to Mid-Aug 2023-06-20 10:42:36

    The US consulate in India is opening new visa interview slots for students who are looking for higher studies in the USA. Last year 1.25L students from India travelled to the USA for higher education, this year the number is...

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    H1-B rejection, Visa scams, 70 indians to take legal action against the us government, Usa visa

    70 Indians to take legal action against the US government 2023-09-02 13:48:36

    Almost 70 Indian nationals are going to take legal action against the American government for rejecting their H1B visa, according to Bloomberg Law. In a lawsuit filed at the Washington State Federal District Court, the employees claim that they are...

    Keywords: H1-B rejection, H1-B rejection, Bloomberg Law, Jonathan Wasden

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    a job in USA, GRE score, sad truth of proxy life of telugu people in the usa, Usa visa

    Sad Truth Of Proxy Life Of Telugu people In the USA 2023-08-21 07:56:59

    Proxy lives of an NRI is a disturbing truth. Starting from writing a GRE exam to getting a job in any prestigious IT company, Proxy are behind Telugu people. It is very easy for a very normal student to get...

    Keywords: GRE score, Proxy system in USA, HR system in USA, Telugu people in USA

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