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  • Swift, registration, taylor swift drives voter registrations after turning political, Taylor swift

    Taylor Swift Drives Voter Registrations after Turning Political 2018-10-10 10:31:04

    Pop superstar Taylor Swift's decision to walk into electoral politics for the first time has driven a rise in online voter registration, especially among young people, according to the website nonprofit site, which assists people to register online, reported...

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    exposed, entertainment, what is happening with britney spears find out here, Taylor swift

    What is Happening with Britney Spears?: Find out here 2021-02-15 10:36:43

    Ever since she was a teenager, Britney Spears has always been in an intense spotlight. After 15 years of fame, last week, a documentary aired throughout the United States that showed how the entertainment industry is framing Britney Spears for...

    Keywords: Justin Timberlake, Music industry, exploitation, exploitation

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    akshay kumar interview 2018, akshay kumar game, akshay kumar becomes only bollywood actor to feature in forbes highest paid celebrities list, Taylor swift

    Akshay Kumar Becomes Only Bollywood Actor to Feature in Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebrities List 2019-07-11 22:23:28

    Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has bagged a spot in the annual Forbes Celebrity 100 list. He has secured the 33rd spot in this year’s top 100 highest-paid celebrities in the world. American singing superstar Taylor Swift topped the list. The actor featured on...

    Keywords: bollywood actor akshay kumar, akshay kumar 2018, akshay kumar game, akshay kumar

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    paagal by Badshah, paagal music video by badshah, indian rapper badshah just beat bts and swift s record but youtube isn t talking about it, Taylor swift

    Indian Rapper Badshah Just Beat Bts and Swift’s Record, but YouTube Isn’t Talking About It 2019-07-31 10:43:41

    Indian rapper Badshah, who is a current favorite of millennials, broke YouTube record with his new album song “Paagal” reaching 75 million views in just span of 24 hours of posting. He outshined a mark set by Korean boy band...

    Keywords: Badshah’s paagal, Indian Rapper Badshah, paagal by Badshah, Badshah’s paagal

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    common sleep disorders, sleep disorders psychology, taylor swift reveals she eats in her sleep know about this sleep related eating disorder, Taylor swift

    Taylor Swift Reveals She Eats in Her Sleep: Know about This Sleep-Related Eating Disorder 2019-05-16 10:45:44

    Taylor Swift was on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ for the first time in four years to promote her new single “ME!” and the episode concluded with the famous "Burning Questions" segment where Ellen asks some really amazing and personal questions...

    Keywords: sleep related eating disorder, taylor swift on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, sleeping disorders, list of sleep disorders

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    Shah Rukh Khan news, Shah Rukh Khan, shah rukh represents india for forbes 2016, Taylor swift

    Shah Rukh Represents India for Forbes 2016 2016-07-12 13:12:16

    The list of Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities for the year 2016 has been unveiled and we have some of the Bollywood actors making it to the list of the 100 highest paid actors across the globe. King Khan Shah Rukh...

    Keywords: forbes 2016 actors, forbes 2016 actors, Forbes 2016, Forbes 2016 list

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