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  • USA, economy, indian students contribute 7 6 billion usd to the us in 2020, Students

    Indian Students contribute 7.6 Billion USD to the US in 2020 2021-01-29 12:38:53

    Indians comprise for 2% of America’s population. Each year, more than 2,00,000 students from India go the United states to study either for graduate, post graduate or do a PhD. India remains the second largest source of international student in...

    Keywords: immigrants, economy, students, economy

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    living, tourism, why dc is the best state for living in the usa, Students

    Why DC is the best state for living, in the USA 2021-02-10 00:34:33

    Apart from the high cost of living, DC is actually quite a great place to live in. The employment opportunities, convenience, the weather- everything is great. Although the province has its flaws, there is no doubt that it is one...

    Keywords: government, living, living, Washington

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    Israel Coronavirus news, Israel Coronavirus, israel drops plans of outdoor coronavirus mask rule, Students

    Israel drops plans of outdoor coronavirus mask rule 2021-04-19 15:08:20

    The entire world is shattered completely due to the second wave of coronavirus. When several countries are struggling to control the spread, the government of Israel announced that there would be no need to wear outdoor masks in the country...

    Keywords: Israel Coronavirus updates, Israel Coronavirus latest updates, Israel Coronavirus news, Israel Coronavirus face masks

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    crime, Murder, the first woman to face a death penalty in india shabnam ali, Students

    The first woman to face a death penalty in India- Shabnam Ali 2021-02-25 10:37:32

    Thirty eight year old Shabnam Ali was convicted for killing seven members of her family, including her mother, father, two brothers, sister-in-law, her cousin, and her 10 month old nephew. She killed the family by spiking their drinks with sedatives...

    Keywords: women, crime, India, crime

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    UAE, Taksh Jain, indian boy is now uae s youngest hair donor for cancer patients, Students

    Indian Boy is now UAE’S youngest hair donor for Cancer Patients 2021-02-18 11:06:57

    A two year old boy, Taksh Jain is now the youngest donor in the UAE to donate hair to Cancer Patients. According to media sources, the two year old boy is also one of the youngest children in the world...

    Keywords: Taksh Jain, Taksh Jain, Taksh Jain, Taksh Jain

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    mental health, therapy, 9 best stress busters for stressed out folks, Students

    9 best stress Busters for stressed out folks 2021-02-15 13:38:53

    You may not know it but, stress can actually damage your health far more than you can imagine. It can have psychosomatic effects on your health and cause migraines or heart problems. Not only is stress terrible for your health...

    Keywords: mental health, Stress, mental health, Stress

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