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  • journalists in Facebook, facebook, what does facebook s plan to hire journos mean for media industry, Social media

    What Does Facebook’s Plan to Hire Journos Mean for Media Industry? 2019-08-22 10:44:02

    The social media giant Facebook’s plan to recruit professional journalists rather solely depending on algorithms to deliver news is a positive step but is unlikely to shake up an embattled media industry, according to analysts.On Tuesday, Facebook said it would build...

    Keywords: facebook, facebook’s plan to hire journalists, journalists in Facebook, facebook’s journalists role

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    journalist saving Indian flag in London, poonam joshi, watch journalist jumps into violent protest to save indian tricolor, Social media

    Watch: Journalist Jumps into Violent Protest to Save Indian Tricolor 2019-08-19 05:56:33

    An Indian origin journalist is being acclaimed as a shining example of a patriotic after she valiantly saved Indian flag from getting ripped and battered. A video of Poonam Joshi that has gone viral shows her darting into the middle...

    Keywords: poonam joshi, journalist poonam Joshi, journalist saving Indian flag in London, journalist saving Indian flag

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    amazon forest wildfires, amazon, in pictures devastating fires in amazon rainforest visible from space, Social media

    In Pictures: Devastating Fires in Amazon Rainforest Visible From Space 2019-08-22 05:40:12

    On Monday afternoon, Brazil’s Sao Paulo completely plunged into darkness for about an hour as powerful winds carried the smoke from Amazon rainforest’ fire burning nearly 2,735 km away. The wildfires spreading across the Amazon is so massive and thick...

    Keywords: amazon, amazon forest, amazon forest wildfires, amazon rainforest animals

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    american companies in india, American tech companies in india, u s assures support to american tech companies in india, Social media

    U.S. Assures Support to American Tech Companies in India 2019-08-20 05:04:37

    The United States ambassador to India Kenneth I. Juster has written to top American companies in India assuring them of support for a level playing field in India, according to Reuters. In his letter, Juster urged the heads of leading...

    Keywords: US tech firms in India, american firms in India, american firms in India, kenneth juster letter reuters

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    social media, twitter suspend accounts, twitter suspends 200 pakistan accounts after anti india tweets, Social media

    Twitter Suspends 200 Pakistan Accounts After Anti-India Tweets 2019-08-20 13:27:37

    Twitter said to have suspended 200 accounts in Pakistan after anti-India tweets started emerging from the country which was objected by the authorities in India. The Pakistan government has specified to the microblogging site that 200 accounts that were suspended...

    Keywords: twitter suspend accounts, kashmir, kashmir, social media

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    kashmir, javed akhtar, priyanka chopra s views on kashmir is of indian javed akhtar, Social media

    Priyanka Chopra’s Views on Kashmir Is of Indian: Javed Akhtar 2019-08-22 13:32:13

    Amid rising criticism against Indian American actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas over her support to Indian government’s decision to revoke special status to Jammu and Kashmir, eminent lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar has said being an Indian citizen, the views of actor...

    Keywords: priyanka chopra views on kashmir, priyanka chopra, priyanka chopra views on kashmir, javed akhtar

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