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  • University, schools, michigan schools and universities switch to online platforms, Schools

    Michigan Schools and Universities Switch To Online Platforms 2021-01-05 12:50:34

    Due to rising pandemic, Michigan schools and Universities have been forced to shift to online platforms to continue classes. Elementary and middle schools however are allowed to conduct in-person learning in accordance to district protocols. School outbreaks have led to...

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    Schools, Universities, karnataka to start offline classes from jan 15th, Schools

    Karnataka To Start Offline Classes From Jan 15th 2021-01-12 05:30:31

    From January 15th onwards all schools, Universities and student hostels will be open for students to attend in person. The Deputy Chief Minister had made all preparations to lay out standard procedures and operations from students to attend the education...

    Keywords: Universities, pandemic, Universities, COVID-19

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    gadgets, 2020, the tech winners and losers of the of the year 2020, Schools

    The tech winners and losers of the of the year 2020 2020-12-31 07:06:06

    This year has been all about staying at home. There were gadgets which were introduced throughout the year. After careful selection, we have made a list of which gadgets we believed were successful this year and which of them were...

    Keywords: applications, technology, technology, gadgets

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    COVID-19, state, maryland covid 19 rate rises by 9 increases concerns and protocols, Schools

    Maryland COVID-19 rate rises by 9% - increases concerns and protocols 2021-01-05 11:27:52

    Maryland state’s COVID-19 rate rose by 9% and still continuing. There were a reported 2,483cases with 33 deaths according to health officials on Monday. The state has a total of 2,87,802 cases in the state since the beginning of the...

    Keywords: health officials, health officials, state, health officials

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    Hair donation, Taksh Jain, indian boy is now uae s youngest hair donor for cancer patients, Schools

    Indian Boy is now UAE’S youngest hair donor for Cancer Patients 2021-02-18 11:06:57

    A two year old boy, Taksh Jain is now the youngest donor in the UAE to donate hair to Cancer Patients. According to media sources, the two year old boy is also one of the youngest children in the world...

    Keywords: Hair donation, Hair donation, Hair donation, Taksh Jain

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    COVID-19, Pandemic, biden s covid 19 plan things will get worse before they get better, Schools

    Biden’s COVID-19 plan- Things will get worse before they get better 2021-01-22 05:12:29

    USA President Joe Biden signed a list of executive orders to help the fight against the COVID-19 vaccine which has ravaged across the country. The number of vaccines and and testing will increase. There will also be more announcements and...

    Keywords: USA, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Pandemic

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