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    Russia's top Warship Sinks in the Black Sea 2022-04-16 09:20:08

    The war between Russia and Ukraine continued and both the nations are expected to lose big because of the war. The civilians of Kyiv witnessed powerful explosions in Kyiv after Russian forces attacked a missile manufacturing unit in Kyiv. Russian...

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    Russia Ukraine war, Russian Air Force latest updates, russian air force destroys 45 new targets in ukraine, Russia and ukraine

    Russian Air Force Destroys 45 new Targets in Ukraine 2022-05-06 07:10:05

    The invasion of Russia in Ukraine completed two months but the issue is yet to be resolved. Several global leaders warned about the impact of war on all the nations of the globe. The Russian military said that the Air...

    Keywords: Ukraine, Russian Air Force new updates, Russia Ukraine war, Russian Air Force breaking news

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