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  • Presidential prank, Barack Obama, white house staff pranks obama with creepy snowmen, Pranks

    White House staff pranks Obama with creepy snowmen! 2016-12-22 09:51:58

    The United States president Barack Obama revealed in a recent interview that, he gets the willies from snowmen. They’re a little creepy. The decided to take advantage of Mr Obama’s phobia, pulling a Presidential prank for a bit of Christmas...

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    life, student politics, old bollywood flicks that make you go back to college days, Pranks

    Old Bollywood Flicks that Make you Go Back to College Days 2018-11-02 06:31:15

    Do you miss your college days? Of course yes! Coz it was fun, we were carefree and those stories, the pranks, the lectures or lecturers, the jokes, the crushes, the heartbreaks…Everything about that stage of life is precious. Don't you...

    Keywords: college life in Bollywood movies, college life, college life, Bollywood

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    Justin Bieber wife pregnant, Justin Bieber wife pregnant, justin bieber gets slammed for insensitivity after he shared a fake pregnancy post on april fool s day, Pranks

    Justin Bieber Gets Slammed for Insensitivity After He Shared a Fake Pregnancy Post on April Fool's Day 2019-04-02 08:38:20

    Popular brands and celebrities followed the tradition of April Fool’s day on Monday by pulling pranks on their fans. Noted American singer Justin Bieber too managed to take to social media with a rather interesting prank by posting an ultrasound...

    Keywords: Justin Bieber instagram, justin bieber songs, justin bieber 2018, Justin Bieber fooled fans

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    Logan Paul, Logan Paul, youtube not ready to kick logan paul the provocateur, Pranks

    Youtube Not Ready To Kick Logan Paul The Provocateur 2018-02-15 10:46:54

    The bad guy of youtube is yet not being kicked out according to CEO Susan Wojciciki. A consultant stated “We want to be consistent. When someone violates our policies three times, we terminate. We terminate accounts all the time” Logan...

    Keywords: Logan Paul, is yet not being kicked out, Logan Paul, Logan Paul

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    Indonesian Woman suspect said 'Just For Laughs’ Prank, Indonesian woman said  Just For Laughs prank, indonesian woman suspect said just for laughs prank, Pranks

    Indonesian Woman suspect said ‘Just For Laughs’ Prank 2017-02-18 05:20:43

    Malaysian police yesterday arrested a suspect involved in the death of Kim Jung Nam, the half brother of Kim Jung Nam, the half father of the Kim Jung Un the leader of North Korea. Giving a twist to the case...

    Keywords: Indonesian Woman suspect said 'Just For Laughs’ Prank, Indonesian Woman suspect said 'Just For Laughs’ Prank, Just for Laughs Kim Jung Nam murder, Kim Jung Nam

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    Barack Obama, Barack Obama, barack obama s final christmas message from white house, Pranks

    Barack Obama's final Christmas message from White House! 2016-12-26 04:37:36

    The outgoing president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama sent their final Christmas message from the White House on Christmas eve. Their final Christmas salutations highlighting common values uniting Americans of all faiths. The first lady, Michelle Obama said...

    Keywords: first lady Michelle Obama, America Christmas message, Christmas celebration White House, White House

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