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  • fixed time visa rule updates, USA fixed time visa rule updates, joe biden cancels fixed time visa rule for international students, Indian students

    Joe Biden cancels fixed time visa rule for International Students 2021-07-09 09:31:35

    Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America rolled back the rule of establishing a fixed time period for the admission along with the extension for non-immigrant academic students which was floated by Donald Trump and his administration....

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    Taksh Jain, Hair donation, indian boy is now uae s youngest hair donor for cancer patients, Indian students

    Indian Boy is now UAE’S youngest hair donor for Cancer Patients 2021-02-18 11:06:57

    A two year old boy, Taksh Jain is now the youngest donor in the UAE to donate hair to Cancer Patients. According to media sources, the two year old boy is also one of the youngest children in the world...

    Keywords: UAE, Taksh Jain, record breaking, Cancer patients

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    NAAIS funds raised, NAAIS funds, usa based indian students joining hands to help indian covid battle, Indian students

    USA based Indian students joining hands to help Indian Covid battle 2021-05-18 12:32:38

    The second wave of coronavirus is having a huge impact on the country. With most of the countries recovering, India is currently in deep crisis. There is a huge shortage for medical facilities along with the vaccinations and the country...

    Keywords: NAAIS latest news, NAAIS latest updates, North American Association of Indian Students, NAAIS funds raised

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    United States Mission target, Indian students for USA, record number of indian students to apply for usa this fall, Indian students

    Record Number of Indian Students to Apply for USA this Fall 2021-08-24 07:53:22

    The number of Indian students studying in the USA have been gradually increasing over the years. There has been a sudden decline in the numbers because of the restrictions imposed by Donald Trump and his government. The United States Mission...

    Keywords: United States Mission latest, Indian students for 2022, Indian students for 2021, Indian students for fall

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    Outdated immigration policies, USA and Canada, outdated immigration policies make indians prefer canada over usa, Indian students

    Outdated Immigration Policies make Indians prefer Canada over USA 2021-07-19 10:19:54

    Talented Indians are flying all over the globe and are making their impact in various fields. A lot of Indians are now opting for Canada instead of the United States because of the outdated H-1B visa policy. USA happened to...

    Keywords: USA Immigration Policy updates, Canada Immigration policy, USA Immigration Policy latest, Outdated immigration policies

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    Indian students for Space, Priya Patel  NASA, indian origin space scientist to support poor indian students, Indian students

    Indian-origin Space Scientist to Support Poor Indian Students 2021-09-20 07:45:17

    A 25-year-old Indian-origin space scientist named Priya Patel is keen to turn a full-fledged astronaut and she is in plans to set up an NGO in the USA. The major motto is to provide resources to young Indian students who...

    Keywords: Priya Patel NASA, Priya Patel NASA foundation, Priya Patel, Priya Patel NASA inspiration

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