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  • sikh turban, gucci turban response, sikh community slams luxurious brand gucci over turbans retailed at nordstrom, Gucci

    Sikh Community Slams Luxurious Brand Gucci over Turbans Retailed at Nordstrom 2019-05-16 09:51:49

    Popular luxury chain Nordstrom put on sale the turbans by luxury fashion label Gucci but the Sikh community seemingly is not too pleased about it. The product, called the Indy Full Turban, comes at a whopping price of $790. It...

    Keywords: turbans on Nordstrom, gucci turban cultural appropriation, gucci turban backlash, turbans on Nordstrom

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    Alia Bhatt movies, Alia Bhatt, alia bhatt new face for gucci, Gucci

    Alia Bhatt: New Face For Gucci 2023-05-12 16:54:36

    Alia Bhatt has now become the face of foreign brand Gucci. She is the first Indian celebrity to be a brand ambassador for the brand and she is also the first Indian global brand ambassador. Alia Bhatt was overjoyed and...

    Keywords: Alia Bhatt breaking news, Alia Bhatt wealth, Alia Bhatt endorsements, Alia Bhatt earnings

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    Oscars 2022 breaking news, Oscars 2022 films list, 94th academy awards nominations complete list, Gucci

    94th Academy Awards Nominations complete List 2022-02-09 09:56:22

    The 94th Annual Academy Awards will take place soon and the nominations for Oscars 2022 have been announced. The Power of the Dog leads the list with 12 nominations. Dune got 10 nominations while West Side Story and Belfast got...

    Keywords: Oscars 2022 films nominated, Oscars 2022 new updates, Oscars 2022, Oscars 2022 films

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    Rajadhyaksha, meghana Rajadhyaksha, indian woman in florida arrested for fashion retail scam after found buying and returning expensive bags repeatedly, Gucci

    Indian Woman in Florida Arrested for Fashion Retail Scam After Found Buying and Returning Expensive Bags Repeatedly 2019-04-12 10:49:13

    An Indian origin woman in Miami, Florida has been running a designer-handbag scam for the last two years and was finally nabbed earlier this week. The 39-year-old Meghana Rajadhyaksha used to mingle with influential persons at galas and charity event...

    Keywords: Rajadhyaksha, Florida, retail scam, meghana Rajadhyaksha

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    From Field Museum $1 Million Stolen, Field Museum, feds 1 million stolen from field museum, Gucci

    Feds: $1 Million Stolen From Field Museum 2017-03-21 08:03:51

    Federal prosecutors said that the woman who stole nearly $1 million from the Field Museum while working there for a decade used the money to buy expensive clothing, watches, handbags and also to drive one luxury car, the Chicago Sun-Times...

    Keywords: From Field Museum $1 Million Stolen, $1 Million Stolen From Field Museum funded for cars and jewelry, $1 Million Stolen From Field Museum, Ex-employee stolen $1 Million From Field Museum

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    met gala 2019 guest list, met gala 2019 theme, here s everything you missed from the met gala 2019, Gucci

    Here’s Everything You Missed from the Met Gala 2019 2019-05-09 06:01:38

    The Met Gala this year took place on May 6 in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The night began with a cocktail hour, in which guests walk the red carpet and explore the new exhibition, before sitting...

    Keywords: met gala 2019 hosts, met gala 2019 tickets, met gala 2019 harry styles, met gala 23019

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