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  • New Zealand, flattened the curve, asian countries that successfully flattened the covid 19 curve, Covid 19 patients

    Asian countries that successfully flattened the Covid-19 curve 2020-06-17 06:33:25

    Lack of resources and poorer countries are often considered the ones at risks of Covid-19 extremities. But, even with such less access and manforce, there are some Asian countries that were successful in tackling the spread of the virus and...

    Keywords: Covid-19, Covid-19, pandemic, flattened the curve

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    Vitamin D3, Calcifediol, vitamin d supplement calcifediol can reduce death risk in covid 19 patients study, Covid 19 patients

    Vitamin D supplement Calcifediol can reduce death risk in COVID-19 patients: Study 2020-09-10 14:43:53

    A Spanish study claims that Vitamin D supplement can reduce severity of COVID-19 and can even reduce death risk. A new study from Spain finds that administering high doses of Calcifediol which is a supplement of Vitamin D can help...

    Keywords: Calcifediol, study, Spanish researchers, COVID-19

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    2DG latest news, 2DG, drdo s anti covid drug priced at rs 990, Covid 19 patients

    DRDO's anti-Covid drug priced at Rs 990 2021-05-28 13:28:04

    DRDO and Dr Reddy's came up with an anti-Covid drug named 2DGand the announcement was made some time ago. The announcement came today saying that 2DG is priced at Rs 990 per sachet. Dr Reddy's will be providing 2DG at...

    Keywords: 2DG announcement, 2DG, 2DG announcement, 2DG price

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    Long Covid symptoms, Long Covid analysis, one fifth of the coronavirus patients had long covid symptoms, Covid 19 patients

    One-fifth of the coronavirus patients had long Covid symptoms 2021-06-16 06:09:04

    Everyone among the five coronavirus patients without any symptoms after testing positive for Covid-19 had an experience of having the complications for a month after the initial diagnosis. The results are revealed through analysis by non-profit FAIR Health encompassed insurance...

    Keywords: Coronavirus symptoms, Coronavirus, Coronavirus symptoms, Long Covid news

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    Antigen COVID testing kit, Antigen COVID testing kit, antigen covid 19 testing kit approved in india shows tests results quickly and affordable, Covid 19 patients

    Antigen COVID-19 Testing Kit Approved in India- Shows Tests Results Quickly and Affordable 2020-06-15 13:10:59

    India has approved a first antigen based COVID testing kit which shows the testing results in 30 minutes. The kit is developed by a Korean company that became available in India for affordable cost in detecting the coronavirus infected people.A...

    Keywords: Antigen COVID testing kit, Antigen COVID testing kit, speed COVID test, Antigen COVID testing kit

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    USA Coronavirus updates, USA Coronavirus latest updates, delta variant makes usa tensed again, Covid 19 patients

    Delta variant makes USA tensed again 2021-07-08 12:19:57

    The United States of America is one of the most impacted countries on the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic. USA is leading the list in the number of cases and deaths across the globe. After the cases calmed down,...

    Keywords: USA Coronavirus news, USA Coronavirus new cases, USA Coronavirus breaking news, USA Coronavirus breaking news

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