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  • Red Fort, Red Fort, red fort shut down due to bird flu will open on 26 jan, Chicken

    Red Fort Shut down due to Bird Flu, Will Open on 26 Jan 2021-01-20 06:04:24

    The bird flu that has been spreading all across the country. Dozens of birds have been found sick and dead in sanctuaries, poultry farms and now samples of the bird flu have been found in the Red Fort. A sample...

    Keywords: Republic day, Republic day, bird flu, Republic day

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    , Coronavirus India news, how to protect your children from covid 19, Chicken

    How to protect your children from Covid-19 2021-06-30 06:55:29

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic left scares across the globe. It is clear that the Covid-19 is here to stay. After we are done with the second wave of coronavirus, the experts warned of a possible third wave of coronavirus from...

    Keywords: Third wave of coronavirus in India, India, Third wave of coronavirus dates, Third wave of coronavirus news

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    flu, economy, egg and chicken prices drop due to bird flu outbreak, Chicken

    Egg And Chicken Prices Drop Due To Bird Flu Outbreak 2021-01-08 13:41:15

    The bird Flu aka the Avian influenza has been reported in multiple states including Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Multiple birds and flock of birds were reportedly found dead near banks and in preserves. The flu began in...

    Keywords: flu, flu, birds, poultry

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    blood sugar curbs, blood sugar news, five healthy carbs to curb the blood sugar, Chicken

    Five Healthy Carbs to Curb the Blood Sugar 2022-12-01 06:39:37

    To battle diabetes and keep your blood sugar in control, it is needed to include healthy carbs in your diet. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and it cannot be ignored. If the blood sugar is not controlled, it can lead...

    Keywords: diabetes carbs, diabetes food habits, blood sugar diet, blood sugar food

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    cuisine, cuisine, 30 mouthwatering dishes you must eat from around the world, Chicken

    30 mouthwatering Dishes you must eat from around the world 2020-12-19 04:27:14

    No matter how much of a bad time you are going through, food can always cheer you up.Each country has their own version of what they find delicious and we are here for it. After a careful selection by our...

    Keywords: food, world, eat, food

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    health benefits, healthy, top 5 benefits of eggs that ll make you to eat them every day, Chicken

    Top 5 benefits of eggs that'll make you to eat them every day 2020-10-09 14:00:16

    On the occasion of World Egg day, learn some of the Health benefits of eggs that make it a superfood. Eggs are one of those foods that are loaded with all the nutrients that are essential for the body. Eggs...

    Keywords: cholesterol, cholesterol, weight, cholesterol

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