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  • memorial day weekend, Chicago Weekend Memorial Day 2019 Violence, chicago memorial day weekend violence 6 dead over 25 injured in shooting spree, Chicago police

    Chicago Memorial Day Weekend Violence: 6 Dead, over 25 Injured in Shooting Spree 2019-05-27 10:35:07

    At least 6 people have been killed and over 25 injured in massive violence reported in Chicago on Weekend Memorial Day 2019. In three batch of shootings reported throughout Sunday, members of opposing groups resorted to indiscriminate firing which led...

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    police, chicago hospital shooting, 3 dead including police officer after shooting at chicago hospital, Chicago police

    3 Dead Including Police Officer After Shooting at Chicago Hospital 2018-11-20 04:42:21

    A gunman opened fire Monday at a hospital in Chicago, killing three people, including a police officer and two hospital worker, authorities said. Speaking at a press conference Monday evening, Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department Eddie Johnson said four...

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    9 year lowest Chicago, Lowest Killings in Chicago, chicago police say number of killings in january is lowest in 9 years, Chicago police

    Chicago Police say Number of Killings in January is lowest In 9 years 2019-02-02 07:31:42

    Chicago Police department said that number of killings in January is lowet in 9 years. Police said that in the month January there were 20 killings overall. And the last time the city saw lower number of killings was in...

    Keywords: Chicago Police department, 9 year lowest Chicago, Chicago police lowest, Chicago Police On Killings

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    Chicago Shootings May 2023, Chicago Shootings 2023, chicago shootings 41 shot and 8 casualities, Chicago police

    Chicago Shootings:41 shot and 8 Casualities 2023-05-29 14:01:32

    Chicago suffered 41 shots on memorial day weekend. Injured remained in critical condition and 9 people were dead, according to the Chicago police department. The oldest victim of the violence is 69 years old and the youngest victim is 14...

    Keywords: Chicago Shootings May 2023, Chicago Shootings 2023, Chicago Shootings visuals, Chicago Shootings

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    Reynolds Lounge shooting, Shooting at Reynolds Lounge, two dead and five wounded in shooting outside reynold s lounge, Chicago police

    Two Dead and Five Wounded in Shooting Outside Reynold’s Lounge 2019-02-04 12:02:20

    At least two people were killed and five others wounded in the shooting outside Reynolds Lounge in the early hours on Sunday. According to the Chicago Police, “the shooting said to be happened at 2a.m when at least one person...

    Keywords: Shooting at Reynolds Lounge, 7 shot in Chicago shooting, Chicago shooting, two dead in chicago

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    pregnant woman death in chicago, pregnant woman death in chicago, pregnant chicago woman strangled to death infant cut out of stomach, Chicago police

    Pregnant Chicago Woman Strangled to Death, Infant Cut out of Stomach 2019-05-17 15:49:16

    A pregnant teen mother from Chicago, who was missing since weeks, found strangled to death with her baby missing from her womb. The Chicago police have arrested three people in connection with the crime, according to the Associated Press. Marlen...

    Keywords: marlen death, marlen death, pregnant woman death in chicago, marlen

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