What Happens To The Body When You Stop Having Sex?Expert Advice Sexual Health

June 11, 2024 11:42
What Happens To The Body When You Stop Having Sex?

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The natural law is procreation, and sexual activity for procreation has the added benefit of sensual pleasure. It is one of the basic human needs. It is true that some people practice lifelong celibacy for religious reasons, but they have conditioned themselves to do so. The rest of us need some level of physical intimacy, and without it we can experience not only physiological but also certain psychological side effects. In the human body, the hormones oxytocin and estrogen stimulate sexual interest. Oxytocin is particularly known as the love hormone. It stimulates love and sexual desire. If you stop having sex, levels of this hormone may drop. It can also affect your mood, energy levels, and desire for sex in the future. Doctors report that low libido reduces blood flow to the female genital organs, causing discomfort during future unlubricated intercourse. Doctors also believe that having sex on a regular basis can reduce stress, but abstaining from sex altogether can increase stress and tension. Some research shows that regular sexual activity strengthens your immune system. Doctors also note that a reduction in sexual activity leads to changes in the body's immune system. Therefore, in some cases, completely abstaining from sex can have unwanted effects, says Dr. Sonam Simpatkumar, gynecologist at Mumbai Railway Hospital.

Women who have sex several times a week are less likely to develop heart disease than women who have sex once a month. It's not clear if this is because healthier women enjoy it more or if it helps protect their minds. Some people experience a sudden increase in libido even after regular sex. Dr. Sonam says that this is due to the feeling of deprivation and that proper treatment is required to have full sex. “If you decide to take a break from sex, you may want to discuss the underlying reasons and emotional issues with your doctor. Besides, a healthy sex life is like a personal journey. “So if you are concerned, it is important to consult a doctor.” . Sonam advises.

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