Crises in life!Manage your life

October 27, 2011 09:56
Crises in life!

WomanatSad‘Crises’ a word that disturbs not only our professional but even our personal life as such. For just one reason being, all the days are not alike.

These crises in life particularly arise in midlife, when you have gone through almost every phase of life, experienced every moment, some to cherish and some to forget. In short, your husband by this time would be busy with his work, children would be in their teens and no more require our all the time attention, if you are working, then you might have attained atleast middle management level. If you are a home maker, then your life would be much settled and with minimal tension in many cases. No tension, a bit space in mind to accommodate more things, so just think about what is lacking in our life. And the lack of ‘spice’ leads to a routine life that in turn becomes a ‘midlife crises’. This seems to be a bit raw, but if you believe this is the main reason.

Now, what to do? To live in the crises or to get out of it and life more enthusiastic life? If you prefer 2nd option, then here are some measures you can take to get out of all that ‘evil’ thoughts;

Your hubby goes to Office and comes back late night and has got his own circle, your kids have their own set of friends and want their own space, and you are alone and have couple of other woman friends more or less in similar kind of situation. So, it is better. You all can gather and spend a lot of time, gossiping, shopping if possible, a simple outing, meet at coffee shops, and what not. In fact, many middle aged women gathered together and have started many social welfare organizations, small time business of boutiques, homemade food, and even teaching many forms of arts such as dance/music/glass painting and sari designing/pot painting/mehendi and so on. I am sure you and your set of friends would be having one common interest. Why late? Turn the same into passion and set an example to all others. Then not only the World, even your loved ones would look upto you. It is not a curse but bliss that you are somewhat free from all your responsibilities as atleast now; you can take some time out for yourself. Make yourself as busy as possible. But make sure that, you are at home when your family is at home. This way you would not miss them and vice versa. And after a long day’s work when you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones and share what all happened that day, it would be really very refreshing. In this scenario, as a mother of a teen age kid, you need to play a dual role of being a friend and parent of your kid, simultaneously.

If you are working, just take time out for your personal life. Keep some fixed timings at your work place and let nothing dominate your personal life and peace.

This is the time to chill, enjoy every moment, right from your coffee to hearing your favorite song and loving yourself more, because this in turn makes you love your family!

So, Midlife is a bliss and never a crises!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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