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February 11, 2016 16:30
Healthy habits to steal from around the world},{Healthy habits to steal from around the world

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There are many  healthy habits in around the world, that will improve your well being. If you are worried about your food, then you should steal these healthy habits, which are practiced in the different countries across the world.

In Japan, people give a lot of emphasis on the appearance of food. Japanese use colorful and seasonal vegetables and eat small portions. The vegetables provide all the essential nutrients and small size,  reduce your caloric intake. There are only 5 percent population of Japan are obese.

In Greece, people use olive oil to prepare food. Olive oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is a well-known healthy fat. Veg is the main part of most of the dishes in Greece. The country consumes the highest vegetable amount in the world.

The Netherlands:
The people of the Netherlands are well known for their self control over snacks between the meals. They have a balanced amount of snacks with their cup of tea and coffee.

The Ethiopian diet is known as one of the healthiest diet,  across the world. It includes, beans, lentils and lots of root vegetables. They consists a very light portion of diary products in their diets. Ethiopian use 'teff flour' to prepare the flat breads. 'Teff Flour’ is very rich in fibers, protein and vitamin C.

In Italy, you will often see a decent glass of red wine with a meal. According to researchers, the balance consumption of wine can increase longevity and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well, But be insure that the amount should be moderate.

Mexicans take ‘Aguas Frescas'  liquid.  It is a flavored water, which they prepared  by blending fruit, sugar, andor seeds  and good ol' H20. It encourages the  water consumption. If you want it less sugary, then, blend cucumber, jasmine flowers and strawberries with water and add it into your daily healthy eating plan.

Chinese use chopsticks to intake the food, which slow down their food intake. Researchers also reported that, eating slower may lead to a lower intake of calories.

French includes lots of rich foods in their diet. They do not eat very much. They take small portions and eat at a slower pace.


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