Multiple Indian Americans make the Forbes entrepreneur 30 Under 30 list this yearJust In

February 17, 2021 12:07
Multiple Indian Americans make the Forbes entrepreneur 30 Under 30 list this year

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This business season, multiple Indian Americans and those from the South Asian origin were declared to be a part of the recent Forbes 30U30 list which is the 30 under 30 list. Most of them were honorees in the Manufacturing and Industry category.

Some of the honorees in this category include Joseph Varikooty, Randeep Singh, Sahir Zaveri, Ameer Shakeel and Krishna Manda.

Varikooty a 24 year old, along with his 28 year old partner Lucas Frye, co- founded Amber agriculture. Both received their bachelor’s degree and graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign with a degree in agricultural economics. They even completed their MBA in the same university. Thiel Fellow, the original founder of Amber Agriculture, dropped out of the same university to start this agricultural company. Amber Agriculture helps farmers monitor and manage their crops with sensors. The core technology the company uses is a wireless sensor which can flow with the grains throughout its supply chain.

Amber Agricultural also helps detect moisture or incorrect temperatures. The company was founded in Chicago and has raised almost 2 million USD in funding. It also helps farmers protect their grains from getting spoilt and captures accurate prices which helps farmers altogether.

Coming in next are the Indian Canadian, Randeep Singh, a 28 year old, Kevin Han and Andrew Walker- who all founded AON3D which designs and manufactures 3D Printers to produce a wide range of high performance materials.

The beauty of this company is that is costs as little as a tenth of the standard rate to make affordable production, of even very small volumes.

The 3D company has printed items ranging for multiple corporations including Siemens, NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. They even raised 14.2 million USD from backers including SineWave Ventures, AlleyCorp and YCombinator.

Sahir Zaveri along with his partner Lee, both 28 year olds, co-founded King Children which is a sustainable eyewear company. The reason this company is one of the best is because it produces zero waste each year.

King Children also produces 3D printed eyewear which are made to order and customized accordingly, to reduce waste. This Brookln Based company has raised around 2 million USD from companies such as Great Oaks Capital.

Krishna Manda, the 26 year old entrepreneur is the co-founder for Etho. During a drive in Brooklyn on his motorcycle, a car made an illegal U-turn collided with him. This accident severed his right arm and doctors reattached his limb with two titanium plates and 13 screws.

Manda dropped out from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and decided to lower the ricks of death an injury for other motorcycle riders. Manda and his partner, Parth Darj who is over 30 years old, founded Etho which creates smart helmets for riders. The helmet provides riders with information on GPS, speed, and nearby vehicles with a heads up display that will prevent accidents.

The 26 year old Ameer Shakheel along with Payam Puourtaheri, 27, is the founder for Agrospheres, which shows how synthetic pesticide uses and misuses and contaminates the environment. Agrospheres helps replace chemicals with non toxic substitutes. The company has recieved 11 million USD from partners.

There were a total of 600 young entrepreneurs, activists and scientists and even entertainers who were a part of the under 30 list. The Forbes 30 Under 30 list published the names of the honorees in all categories.

By Meena Atmakuri

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