Shocking: World will Witness a Shortfall of 5 Million Girls SoonHot Buzz

August 04, 2021 11:40
Shocking: World will Witness a Shortfall of 5 Million Girls Soon

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As per the new study, there will be a shortage of 4.7 million girls born in the next ten years and this is because of the sex-selective practices in many countries. The study published in the medical journal 'Global Health BMJ' revealed many shocking facts. The research was conducted by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia and they used the data of 3.26 billion births from 204 countries and the research continued for 50 years. The study was narrowed to 29 countries. The study also said that sex selection in Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia led to a higher ratio of males to females since 1970. If this continues at the same pace, there would be 4.7 million shortage of girls in the next ten years.

The study also concludes that there would be 22 million fewer girls by the year 2100. Since 1970, the male-to-female ratio has increased badly in countries like China, Vietnam and India. The ratio is increasing rapidly in 17 more countries as per the study. The antisocial behavior and violence on women happen to be the other reasons for the decrease in the female count. This all leads to a marriage squeeze with the shortage of females. After China adopted the one-child policy for the past decade, the country is feeling the marriage squeeze. The policy was abolished in 2015 and for now, 35 million males are struggling to find their partners.

There is a culture in many nations to produce a male heir. As per the report from the South China Morning Post, there are 111.3 boys for 100 girls. There is a gender disparity across the globe and women are making up 49.6 percent of the global population as per the 2020 reports. In Qatar, there are three men for every woman and in Bahrain, the women population is just 35.3 percent. Going with the trend, all these factors say that there would be a crisis in the women population in the coming years.

By Siva Kumar

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